du speed booster review

DU speed booster is loaded with tons of features that boost Android tablets or phones by cleaning unwanted files as well as to increase storage space. The app is using 1-2 combo tandems that will speed up the device and will save the battery power.

  • du speed booster review

DU Speed Booster Review Pros

  • The speed booster app will speed up Android tablet or phone
  • Hosting numerous tools for the maintenance of Smartphone
  • It has simple user interface
  • It has many features that will increase storage of users
  • Reduces speed hogging background processes
  • It shows unnecessary processes that can be cleared from the memory
  • It has standalone module that will edit processes
  • It has trash cleaner that will remove cache files and can clean device of the residual system files
  • It has a good app manager that will show your applications that have been installed and how storage space left. It features manager to uninstall apps, to move apps from SD card manager and to delete system applications
  • It has a game booster, which is a new feature of the app showing list of the installed games that will boost the games, but it does not have explanation
  • It has excellent features aside from boosting your phone
  • Works well with Smartphone
  • It is a great looking app

DU Speed Booster App Cons

  • After using the app DU speed booster, user will notice that it will get slow a little bit.
  • Killing the apps in the memory is fine, but later it will be reopened
  • Apps such as fitness tracker and Android wear will be exempt from the scans and they cause issues when being closed

Who Should Use the App?

Everyone who has tablets or Smartphone can use the app and it is easy to install. If you want to save your battery power and to clean some caches, you should use the app because it will help you. Trying it is worth because it gives your phone more space.

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