If you want to turn your device into 3D dragon, then you can check out dragon detector app. This is a useful app that you can have in your phone and it helps you to see fire-breathing dragons that fly around you. This is a virtual toy dragon and it also gives you the chance to train your dragons. You can push it to walk, fly backwards or forwards and much more.

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This dragon detector features magnificent 3D graphics and you can also add sound effects. It is compatible for iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad 3rd gen, iPod 4th gen and other devices that are higher. What is new in the version is that the iOS7 is being updated. The app was updated last June 6, 2014 and it is in the English language.

Dragon Detector App Pros

  • Has a good background
  • It is one of the best dragon games ever
  • It is a cool game
  • It has a neat application
  • It is completely free

Dragon Detector App Cons

  • There is no negative review

Who Should Use the App?

If you want to try something different, then you can have Dragon Detector app. It is a good 3D game that you surely love. If you are a game lover or looking for something that you can install in your phone that give you satisfaction, the app is what you are looking for. The app is perfect for all iPhone, iPad and iPhone users.

It is not easy to find a game that is great, but dragon detector app gives you a magnificent game that you surely love. It is easy to install and completely free. You do not need to invest just to have it in your phone. It is good for individuals having iPhone, iPod, iPad or who have a higher version device.

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Download and install Dragon Detector App today!