DaPulse app is one of the top-notch managers to use. With it, you can organize your details and it will help managers lead. The fact is that it is different from other project manager system that is classic. What DaPulse is all about is to make a big picture of whole process so that everyone can see it.

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DaPulse is a communication and collaboration app that you can use in getting your team members to work in one place. It helps you in creating clear visual display of progress and priorities. You can delegate teams, people and set your goals as well as deadlines. The app combines your project management together with collaboration and make sure that it will be transparent.

DaPulseApp Pros

  • Responsive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Simple
  • Beautiful
  • Excellent on boarding and tutorial
  • Light scheduling and collaboration tools

DaPulse App Cons

  • Must need to be updated
  • Too many meetings and emails
  • Weak task and project management tools
  • Expensive
  • Incomplete support for Android device

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Who Should Use the App?

Managers and their team can use the app in listing their projects and tasks, but they need to know that it is not free. Also, for people out there who want to download an app that is easy to use and has good interface when it comes to project management system, DaPulse is perfect for them. Before you get the app, you need to read DaPulse review so that you get ideas on what the application is all about. It is good to use and you will not regret having it because it definitely helps you on what you need to do, but expect that there are some minor issues. If you are satisfied that DaPulse is what you need, then check out its site and start to install it in your phone.

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