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On Google Play, this is said to be the fastest cleaning app and over 100,000 downloads for its Lite Version (Free) and over 1000 for the Pro version (Paid). With it, you can optimize your device and make it work faster. Users who have downloaded the app have witnessed how it has been helping them clean every unwanted data on their device without any hassles. They also revealed that the app works perfectly in helping them recover over 100MB of their internal phone memory because it can work in cleaning history, junks, app cache and files-even without root permission.

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Cleaning App Pros

In today’s Cleaner eXtreme review, let us highlight some of the things that users appreciate in this app. One of the things that they have highlighted in their reviews is that the cleaner is able to work without it changing any of their phone’s system settings. In this case, they are saying that they are feeling more confident that not any single data from their phone would be tampered or lost. Other essential features and functions that users love about it is that it is a one-click cleaner that works in many ways in cleaning their device, including browser cache, browser history, Gmail history, Google Play store history, all-browser history, Google Map history and clipboard. With all its so many powerful functions, it looks like users will definitely love the cleaner app that does it all.

Cleaner eXtreme Cons

Even good apps like the Cleaner eXtreme cleaning app are not perfect. When it comes to cons, it is not spared at all. For one, users may need to buy the paid version if they want to maximize the benefits of using the cleaner. And when it comes to permissions, users have to take note that some will include reading their web history and bookmarks, viewing network access and running at startup.

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Who Should Use This App?

Everyone who wants to get the most out of their phones must definitely use this app. It comes with compact features and powerful functions that will give them all the benefits of using a cleaner app.

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