cheeky fingers review

Developed and launched by Nic Mulvaney Ltd, the app is a beautiful piano chord dictionary that works compatibly with the iPad and the iPhone and that is ideal for beginners and advanced piano learners. Today, they can learn various chords without any hassles and confusing language in a very handy app straight from their mobile device with this free piano app.

Cheeky Fingers Pros

Cheeky Fingers App ProsA majority of the users who have posted reviews for this best piano app reveal that they love how the app has made their lives easier. With it, they can select a key that lets them see variations in chords and related chords. They can also find great sounding progressions using the key, allowing them to find inspiration for their next songs.

Cheeky Fingers App ProsOne more thing that they love about this app is that they can get access to more than hundreds of chords as well as find combination chords that sound perfectly well together. They also love that the app helps them in viewing accurate notations. Users also noted that they could add their own progressions and playback as arpeggio or as chords which makes it one of the best new apps 2016.

Cheeky Fingers App ProsThey also appreciate that the app developers did not include in-app purchases in the app, making their experience worthwhile. This is something they love because they don’t need to deal with any interruptions, which may hinder in learning how to play the piano.

Cheeky Fingers Cons

Cheeky Fingers App ConsUsers have to buy and pay the app so that they can start using this app without advertisements on their iPad or iPhone, according to a majority of Cheeky Fingers review.

Who Should Use Cheeky Fingers?

If you love playing the piano, then this free piano app is for you. It helps them learn how to play the piano as well as learn of various chords without any hassles. They can also depend on this app if they are piano instructors and they want to help their students learn in the fun and easy way. The app is also for hobbyists who love music and playing the piano. It is also perfect for song composers and artists who want to create their next musical masterpieces on the app. Learn more or download the app today!