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Campfire is a known service and it is working in many platforms. It is also working in web version and it has 3rd party alternatives. The official app of the tool is easy to navigate and inside its chat area, full screen for conversation will be shown.

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Campfire Review Pros

Knowing about the pros and cons of the tool is important and with this page, you get enough details about the application that you can install.

  • Campfire app has info button where you can click it to see more information about current room allowing you to add topic as well as turn –in notifications
  • Easy access of the main settings from lobby area
  • Utilizes rooms allowing users to chat with co-workers and colleagues
  • Campfire can be use for basic chats as well as sharing of image between users
  • Users are not limited to on how many boards they want to join
  • Setting up an account is so easy
  • It has customer support that will get in touch with users within eight hours
  • It does not require technical skills
  • It is straightforward and easy to use app
  • The interface of the app is simple and not cluttered

Campfire Project Management Cons

  • It does not have much options
  • It does not offer private chats between its users
  • Each single invitee in chatroom must need to be invited individually with the use of web form
  • The app is not working with Internet Explorer 6

Who Should Use the App?

For people who want to chat with other people about certain things, they can use the app since it is simple, robust and good product. The app is set up for large groups and it is good to use by corporate clients. If you want the best project management app that you can try for free, Campfire will be your one stop solution. Try it to see how it works and how it helps you in meeting your needs.

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