Cab4me will help you in finding the cab that you need. You can begin on map and choose your pickup location. By using the map, it will show you taxi stands as long as your data is available. The time you found the database of the company, you get additional details such as payment methods and car types that are available. If there is an instance that the company do not have cab in your area, then local web search will be performed, which means you still get a result.

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Cab4me app database grows daily wherein companies for cab can easily register, define serviced area and make company profile. The company checked every company before they activate the profile to be sure that only approved cab companies is listed. Also, passengers can find more details in the users section of the app and it is open to all public companies for cab. What is new with the app is that the design is completely reworked, it support iPhone 6 and it has better usability.

Excellent Cab4me Taxi Finder Review Pros

  • It has full map integration
  • The company only list companies that will pick you in your exact location
  • Easy to use
  • Have offline access

Cab4me Taxi Finder Review Cons

  • Need to have an account to use it

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Who Should Use the App?

People can use the app as long as they have a free account. Whenever you need a can of you are having a hard time to get a cab, then you can use cab4me taxi finder. They will be the one to check for cab companies that is available in your area. This means that you no longer need to wait for a long time getting a cab and you will never be late.

Be sure to download Cab4me Taxi Finder today!