Buzzfeed app has it all because it gives the news you want, quizzes and stories on social networks. There are great features of the app that you surely love such as stay entertained and informed with the best news, life stories and buzz. If you want to check out individual topics, you can do so. If you want to check out the trending stories, you can tap the trending section button. You can also share stories with Messages, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, Facebook and more.

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Having the Buzzfeed mobile allows you to share videos and individual images. You can also bookmark your posts and make comments. What is new in the app is that they work hard to make it better, stronger and faster for users. The app was updated last August 1, 2016 and it already has between one million and five million installs. It is compatible for android users.

Buzzfeed App Pros

  • Users love the real news, fun articles and celebrity news
  • It is easy to use

Buzzfeed App Cons

  • It always says bad request
  • It does not load

Who Should Use the App?

Everyone can have the app, especially for individuals who want to know the latest news about celebrity, read articles and others. If you want to be informed on what is happening around you, Buzzfeed app is perfect for you. The app gets many installations since it was launched and you can also have it for yourself.

It is important to check out Buzzfeed review to get ideas on what the app is all about. Make sure that you read articles about it to know the pros and cons. This page presented an overview about the app so that you will make a good decision whether to have it not. If you are satisfied with how the app works, then be sure to have it in your phone. It is free to install and use!

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