Building your own application for mobile devices can be a difficult process if you’ve never done it before. Even if you’re an old hand at it, you can come across issues you never expected. There’s plenty you can do to boost your app to the next level and there are so many different tools available to help you build the perfect app. The problem is choosing which tools you need. Check out these eight top apps and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Developing Mobile Apps Using Tools

When you’re developing an app from scratch, it might seem like there are pitfalls and hazards at every turn. It doesn’t have to be like this when you make the most of the tools on offer here. Make sure your coding is perfect and your app interface is optimized in style as well as substance. Even the most useful apps are thrown aside by the consumer if they’re ugly and unwieldy. When you’re developing mobile apps, be sure to put the user first.

Without further ado, let’s run through this mobile apps list and make developing apps an absolute breeze.

Taking Your First Steps

Making your very own app can seem like a daunting process if you’ve never attempted anything like it before.

  • AppMachine. A simple set of tools which allow you to build your app in a step-by-step fashion in sections referred to as building blocks. This approach is quick and cheap, letting you get your product on the market with minimal effort. You can always improve upon your app once you’re certain it’s viable.
  • AppMakr. If you really don’t have the skill set to write your own app, you’re not as stuck for options as you might have assumed. Check out AppMakr, a series of clever tools which eschew the use of any complicated code on your part. All you have to do is power it up and get started. It’s easy to use and you’ll be creating apps and even mobile websites in next to no time at all.
  • LiveBlox. The options for those of you who don’t know any code are looking pretty optimistic. In most cases you don’t need to know even a lick of even the most basic programming languages when you have the power of LiveBlox in your hands. You can link up ready-to-use chunks of viable code to put together a fully functioning app. All you need to do is drag and drop the bits of code you need and watch this tool work its magic. You can even add videos and export your apps so they’re ready to go from day one.

Design Is Vital to Your Success

For better or worse, the average consumer will take one look at your app and decide immediately whether or not they like it. No matter how useful an app, it’s ugly interface takes only seconds to put off a potential customer for life. If you’re struggling either making beautiful as well as purposeful apps, let Good Barber do all the hard work for you. This important tool uses four easy steps to get a hot design and running. You can easily add content later, once you’re happy with your new and improved interface.

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When it comes to apps for use by customers and clients while they’re in store, you really have to pull all the stops out to ensure that your app stands head and shoulders above the rest. Use TheAppBuilder to build apps with user friendliness as their number one priority. Nobody wants to see their customers frustrated to the point of distraction by an unwieldy and pointless app with an ugly interface. You can even make the employee mode of your app attractive and simple to use. The happier an employee, the greater the quality of their work. It’s really a win-win situation for everybody involved.

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Multi-Platform Compatibility

No matter how good your app is, it’s unlikely that you’ll get as far as you could if you limit your design to suit only one operating system.

  • Appcelerator. Use the services offered by Appcelerator to make the most of a cloud-based library of all sorts of extensions for use with your applications. This is a perfect choice if you’re working with a big conglomerate company that wants to develop apps for as many potential consumers as possible.
  • Kalipso Studio.If you’d like the luxury of choice when it comes to guaranteeing compatibility with multiple mobile platforms, you’re in luck. Oftentimes, a company is guilty of putting out an app for iOS without even thinking about other users. Don’t be yet another entrepreneur to make this mistake. Instead, try Kalipso Studio to help you develop apps for Android and Microsoft OS.
  • Antenna Mobility Platform. If your service is going to be based in the cloud and you want to get access to the maximum number of potential clients, you simply cannot afford to restrict yourself to just one platform. Use the Antenna Mobility Platform to help your company to set up all the apps you need as part of a fully integrated cloud service. This indispensable tool makes sure you make the most out of your business opportunities. Don’t miss out on great success by putting all your eggs in one basket.

Make the most of this mobile apps list and you’re sure to succeed. Just remember that when building an application for mobile your end user is the most important consideration. Make your app beautiful and easy to use, and that’s half the battle won already.

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