bitrix24 vs trello vs slack

Bitrix24 vs Trello vs Slack

Working on a huge project can be a complicated matter if you fail to make life easier for yourself. Without turning to project management tools for help, you might find that things get on top of you real quick, turning what should have been a simple project into an absolute nightmare.

In 2016, there is a wide and extensive list of project management apps on the market that help you to manage your team, communications, deadlines and task with less hassle than ever before whilst boosting collective productivity and producing better results.

But with so many apps to choose from, how do you decide which is the best one for you? Let’s take a look at the battle between Slack vs Bitrix24 vs Trello.


bitrix24 vs trelloTrello is one of the most downloaded project management apps around. Made by the guys over at Kanban boards, it uses a digital whiteboard from which your personnel can attach virtual post-it notes.

This digital whiteboard is 100% more usable and portable than a regular old whiteboard. The app also allows your team members to do anything they could on a regular whiteboard – as well as a whole lot more. Flexible and super easy to use, Trello makes project management look a cinch.

But how does it compare vs Bitrix24 vs Slack?


  • It’s possible to view your project in one single glance
  • Collaboration between team members is simple and effective
  • Visually compelling
  • Doesn’t take long at all to get used to it. Team members can be trained up within minutes
  • Plenty of features, all of which are simple to use


  • Trello can become really complicated if your projects become too big
  • No setting dates
  • No accountability tool, which means that team members could easily lose focus and productivity might slow down
  • Weak standard features on offer from third party extensions


bitrix24 vs slackSlack comes with a tagline that reads “Be Less Busy”. But can Slack actually ensure that we’re less busy and more efficient?

Slack is a project management app that is used by NASA, as well as other top organisations around the world. The basic premise is that it make your working life more rewarding – and a whole lot simpler.

Slack claims to be the “team communication tool for the twenty-first century.” With this project management tool, you can manage your team communication in open channels, as well as make separate channels for members, personnel, projects and topics. The best thing? Anyone in your team can keep track of everything that is happening.

With Slack, team members can and direct and private messages to one another, as well as chat in groups. A free version is available for small projects and teams, while a Standard Package will set you back $6.67 per month. A Plus Package, meanwhile, costs $12.50 a month.

How does Slack measure up vs Slack vs Bitrix24?


  • Excellent private back-channel
  • Uploading files directly is super easy
  • Push notifications
  • Doesn’t take long to get to grips with
  • Emails will no longer be needed
  • Free version available


  • Excessive notifications can be annoying
  • Lack of a calendar
  • No task-management fears
  • Windows 10 desktop app is poor


slack vs bitrix24Bitfrix24 is a free project management app for small businesses who need to remove unnecessary and time-consuming hassle from their projects. There are over 35 tools available that make it one of the best social collaboration and management tools on the market today.

The free version comes with 5GB of online storage and can be used by an unlimited amount of users. The Plus plan costs $39 per month and offers 24GB of online storage, while the Standard plan costs $99 per month and comes with 100GB of online storage. There is also a Professional plan available, which costs $199 per month, and comes with unlimited online storage.

But how does this app fare against Trello vs Slack?


  • Comes with bags of features
  • Free version
  • It’s versatile
  • Super flexible
  • Integrations


  • Takes a while to get a hang of
  • Complicated interface
  • Customer support not as good as some rivals


In summary, which project management app you and your team should use will come down to your needs, as well as how much you’re prepared to pay. For $199 per month, Bitrix24’s Professional plan make a lot of sense. But for smaller projects and teams, Trello’s free version is full of value.

Out of Bitrix24 vs Trello vs Slack, we think Trello is the top pick. You might also be interested in finding out the best team collaboration apps.