Bitrix24 app has mobile app functions as mobile CRM, HRMS system and intranet portal. The time you install the app on your tablet or Smartphone, you can work on the road, in bar or in any other places that have internet connection. Both Android devices and iOS are supported.

  • bitrix24 app

If you have Bitrix24, you can make new posts, view activity stream, comment or like from your phone. You will be stay connected with the app and the good thing is that it synchronizes your contact details. Your scheduled events and tasks are accessible from your mobile device, so you may not need to look for a Bitrix24 alternative.

Bitrix24 App Pros

  • Users can make new tasks as well as work with existing ones using their mobile device
  • Files stored on Bitrix24 will be available on your mobile device
  • Good interface
  • Compatible for Android and iOS users
  • Free to use
  • Many features
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Many integrations
  • It has additional functionality

Bitrix24 App Cons

  • A little bit complicated to use
  • Not as fast as other apps
  • User interface is not slick as others
  • Training articles, FAQ and support only give basic information that not easy to understand

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Who Should Use the App?

For business minded person, individuals having business or for people who want to have access to collaboration and project management tool, Bitrix24 is perfect for them. The system of it is reliable all the time and it is a big deal. If you want to try mobile CRM, HRMS system or intranet portal in your mobile device, then you should try Bitrix24. There are already many users of it and they are all satisfied with the exceptions of minor issues that they experienced. If you want to manage your tasks, events and schedule, trying the app is a good idea. Installing it in your phone is free, which means you do not need to invest cash just to have it.

Download Bitrix24 app today!