Best Web Browser Apps

You could say that web browser apps have come a long way since smartphones first burst onto the market. There’s no reason to tolerate less than stellar service from these apps as your surf the web. Get to grips with the 10 best browser apps that blow the rest out of the water. Or find out what is the best launcher app right now!

The Top Ten Mobile Browser Apps

You need a decent selection of apps to choose from if you want to make sure that there are a few that suit your needs. Finding the best browser for mobile doesn’t have to be difficult. Just follow the pointers given here and you’ll soon work out which app is best for your needs. Browse through this top ten mobile browser app list and see what you like the look of.

Google Chrome

web browser appsUltimately, your criteria for the best browser for mobile depend on what you intend to do as part of your online experience. If you need speed while maintaining a high level of functioning, you’ll probably find this to be the fastest browser for mobile. You can easily search from the address bar and it remembers your answers to forms so you can fill out your address and whatever else with the simple tap of a letter. With the new data saver function, it compresses various web objects into as small a size as possible, making for an even quicker experience.


best browser for mobileYou need the fastest browser for mobile you can find when you’re stuck for time, and this is probably it. The Naked Browser does away with all surplus functions and it’ll get you the information you need in record time. There’s not a lot else you can do with it, though, so make sure speed is truly your only priority before you opt for this one.

Opera Mini

fastest browser for mobileDespite having a really small market share, Opera is actually pretty good. The developers are constantly releasing new functions and it really deserves to be much more popular than it is. One of the greatest functions that, surprisingly, isn’t found much elsewhere is the QR scanner. This lets you get straight down to business when you spot a QR code and want instant access to the related content.


top 10 mobile browsersFor pure ease of ease and customizability, Firefox is king. This list of top 10 mobile browsers isn’t in any particular order, but plenty of people would happily give this the top spot if they could. It supports all kinds of third party extensions, adding a whole new range of features that even the Firefox developers themselves couldn’t invent alone. You can use voice-activated search as well as the opposite, a text to speech converter. If you like to play around with your apps and discover new ways of doing things, this is the one for you.


top ten mobile browserA lot of people haven’t heard of this one, but it’s packed with features you simply can’t find elsewhere. It lets you use your mobile much more like you would a desktop or laptop computer, offering trackpad mouse and gamepad options. The most unique feature is its ability to run Flash content, something you’re not supposed to be able to do with a phone running iOS. This capability alone is more than enough reason to try Puffin.


best mobile internet browserMany people would argue that this is the absolute best mobile internet browser for its sheer number of functions. Obviously, some are more useful than others, but there’s plenty of worthwhile functionality on offer here. One of the most interesting ideas is the concept of tracing a letter or shape with your finger and assigning a website to it. For example, you could draw an ‘F’ and it’ll bring up Facebook right away.

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GhosteryTo qualify as being the best mobile internet browser around, an app has to fulfil several very important criteria. One such criterion is privacy. You don’t want just anyone able to access all your personal data. Ghostery keeps an eye on all sorts of nefarious programs like ad trackers, warns you about them, and lets you disable them for good. It doesn’t even allow your phone to save cookies, making for an almost complete anonymous experience.

Firefox Focus

Firefox FocusThere has to be at least one of these top 10 mobile browsers that catches your eye. If not, see what else each developer has to offer you. For example, Mozilla makes this version of their popular Firefox browser as well as the basic vanilla iteration. Whereas the normal app concentrates on providing as much functionality as possible, this one is security-minded, letting you block all kinds of unwanted content. You can’t do both of these things at once, which is why there’s a separate app.


SafariIt might have its fair share of downsides, but there are still a few reasons to stick with good old Safari. Firstly, it’s familiar and has been designed in the same way as the rest of the native iOS apps, offering you a seamless experience the whole time. Secondly, Apple has stacked the odds in their own favor as this is the only browser app that can be set as a default, making all external links open using Safari. It might be easier for you to stick with it.


FlynxThis is a great little app if you always find yourself wanting to quickly look things up as you use various other apps. Flynx lets you browse the web without actually closing or pausing the app you’re currently using. This really lets you multitask at the highest efficiency as everything loads up in the background while you continue working, playing or whatever else you were up to.

Whatever you require from the Internet, you can use any one of these top web browser apps and get what you need. Each one of them has pros and cons, and it’s all a matter of weighing them up carefully in the face of your current tasks. Try them all and see which one is to your exact liking.

Take your time when looking through all these web browser apps. Make sure you choose an app that precisely fits your personal requirements.