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What are the best ski apps available to download and install today?

Whether you want to enhance your technique or simple let off a bit of steam on the slopes, apps for skiing help a lot. Before the dawn of apps, skiing was fun – but also a lot of hassle, and even a bit dangerous. With skiing apps, you are now able to track your GPS, check out the weather forecast, as well as locate the best slopes.

But with so many apps on the market right now, it’s not exactly easy finding the one that is best suited for you and your needs. From tuition apps to gaming apps, separating the wheat from the chaff can be a time consuming process.

So let’s take a look at the 10 best ski apps available right now.


best ski appsSkiLynx is an app that helps you and your buddies to stay connected when you hit the slopes. Whenever you guys get separated, SkiLynx ensures that keeping in touch and finding one another is really simple. This is a ski GPS app that shows where your buddies are in real time using trail maps. It includes all kinds of precise details, including their percentage down a trail, as well as slope difficulty.

SkyLynx comes with chat features that allow for one-touch messages, and it’s compatible with the Apple Watch. It also works as a ski log which records numerous metrics for you to share on social media.

It costs $2.99 to download.


best snowboarding appsAvanet is one of the most impressive skiing apps on the market today, which proves that crowd-sourcing doesn’t have to be just for road navigation. Aimed at snowboarders, backcountry skiers and professional guides, it’s one of the best snowboarding apps available right now. It’s also an app that uses GPS an maps data to offer you data that warns you of any potential dangerous conditions and hazards that are upcoming on your route. This app is also used as a planning tool and a field safety aid, as well as a track logger and a navigation app. In this sense, it’s one of the most versatile app that you can download.

It’s also totally free.


ski gpsSnoCru is one of our favourite social apps for skiing that puts a competitive shine on your day on the slopes. It lets you instal a DAYCRU of your fellow snowboarders and skiers, which makes it easier than ever before to stay in touch find your skiing friends after you’ve been separated. There is a real gamified element to things here, and the app allows you to record a number of metrics for each of your buddies. This means you can compete against one another, which gives your day on the slopes a real communal field. You can each record how fast you went, how many feet you traveled, as well as how many runs you got through.

The app is free to download.

Trace Snow

TraceSnowTraceSnow is the ski GPS app that used to be known as Alpine Relay. It’s still an excellent trail-and-course-tracking app which allows users the chance to log who days up the slopes. Trace Snow records a variety of metrics including your airtime, jumps, speed, calories burned and distance traveled using in-built phone sensors in order to help you track your progress and analyse where you need to improve. This is great for accountability. You can also view a summary of all your stats after your day is over, and your entire route is mapped out automatically.

It’s free to download.

FIS-Ski Mobile & Live Timing

apps for skiingFIS-Ski Mobile & Live Timing is one of the best snowboarding apps that is ideal for winter sports enthusiasts. It gives you access to all the latest news on world winter sports events, and features a raft of athlete bios, updated standings and sports news.

Ski Tracks

Ski TracksSkiTracks is a hugely popular logging and tracking skiing app that relies on your phone’s GPS, as well as various other sensors, to track and log your ski sessions on the slopes. Ski Tracks gathers together a fairly comprehensive field of data, including slope angle, total distance traveled, as well as average and maximum speed, and lets you dissect your numbers for improved performance next time around. All the metrics are logged, plotted out on a map, and separated into different runs.

It costs $0.99.

On The Snow Ski & Snow Report

On The Snow Ski & Snow ReportOn The Snow Ski & Snow Report is a great app that makes skiing and snowboarding safer than ever before. Essentially a snow conditions app, it keeps you up to date with snow reports and current conditions from almost 2,000 ski resorts, courses and areas around the world. On The Snow Ski & Snow Report also gives you access to up to the minute crowd-sourced condition reports, as well as notifications for whenever your preferred course has just received new snow. It’s also stuffed with all kinds of useful extras, including resort reviews and details, trail maps, and skiing news.

It’s totally free to download and run.

Ski And Snow Report

Ski and Snow Report appSki and Snow Report app from Zumobi is one of the best ski apps around that lets skiers and snowboarders check up-the-minute news on the conditions of their favourite ski destinations, courses and resorts. The app lets you check weather forecasts up to five days in advanced, as well as detailed stats such as trail maps and snow depths, and resort details.

It’s free to download and use.


LiftopiaLiftopia is the app you need in your life if you want up-to-date information on thousands of deals on snowboard and ski lessons, pre-booked lift tickets, and all kinds of winter-sports related information. You’ll get access to the best prices, and booking is super easy. Essentially, you can use Liftopia to book your next winter vacation with less hassle than before. There are all kinds of neat features included, such as the latest snow condition information and the chance to save your favourer ski courses and resorts for easy access and booking.

It’s free to download.


WinterFriendAs its name might suggest, WinterFriend is a social ski app that helps you to keep track of your friends on a ski resort. Let’s face it, due to the sheer size of ski resorts and courses, it’s all too easy to lose our buddies amidst the slopes. This is particular trouble in the event of an emergency

The app is free to download, and is one of the best ski apps available.