best project management apps

Project management apps can make your life more efficient, productive – and a lot more stress free! After all, managing a project is not exactly easy. You have to look after your team and their various personalities, delegate tasks to the right people and stay on top of them, create schedules and strategies, as well as impose deadlines and make sure everyone sticks to them. With so much to do, it can be easy to lose control.

But project managers who are smart these days use apps for project management, which makes their life so much easier. With a top project management app, you don’t even need to go to the office to sort things out, and can stay on top of everything with just a few taps.

Here are our top ten best project management apps currently on the market

best project management appsCasual is a rather original app that offers a new way of getting things done. With this app, you can draw a quick flowchart to help you better plan your tasks.

But perhaps the best thing about Casual is that it gives you a better chance of visualising your projects and tracking dependencies between your various projects and tasks.

Casual is an intuitive app that works for both individual projects and team projects, and comes with a free trial. If you don’t like it, you can just try something else.

best project management appsAsana is one of the easiest and best project management apps for 2016. It works as both a task management tool and a project management tool, and helps you to easily create and share strategies, schedules and tasks with your team members.

Though it’s really simple, it’s also super smart and intuitive and 15 of your team members can access it for free. If you have more than 15 team members, prices start from $50 per month and rise to $800 per month for 100 members. Not a bad deal!

  • Sqwiggle

project management appsEasily Sqwiggle’s unique selling point is the fact that it lets team members connect via on-demand video, which is something that most other project management apps don’t allow.

Sqwiggle also helps you to track your team and keep up-to-date with their performance. It works in a similar way to Google Hangouts, but while Hangouts is always on, Sqwiggle only captures a photo of your team every 10 seconds. When you want to chat with a team member, simpy click on their face and you’re both on video.

project management appsOmni Plan is one of the best apps for project management that is available on the iPad and iPhone. If you’re already familiar with Gantt Charts (and are a big fan), you will definitely get a lot out of Omni Plan.

To start, all you need to do is create a very basic project outline. The app then guides you through each step of the project until it’s finished.

In this sense, Omni Plan helps you to look at your project as a linear story that has a beginning, a middle and an end. So rather than getting caught up doing the middle before you’ve even completed the beginning, you follow your project in exactly the right order.

You can get the standard plan for $49.00 or the pro plan for $99.98.

apps for project managementYou’ve quite possibly already heard of BaseCamp because it’s extremely popular. In a nutshell, BaseCamp allows users the chance to create projects that serve as a central location for anything and everything.

There is a free trial that lasts for two months, after which prices start from just $20 per month.

If you want to have unlimited projects, you will need to pay $3,000 per year.

It allows you to create and share:

  • Notes
  • To-do lists
  • Files
  • Events
  • + A lot more

apps for project managementPodio isn’t really designed for small personal projects, but instead proves its worth for mid-to-large sized teams who are working on big projects.

It comes with a few neat extra features, including social intranet and CRM, and is available right off the bat in four different packages.

There is a free version which allows five employees to use it at any one time, a basic version, which costs each employee $9 per month; a Plus version, which costs each employee $14 per month, and a premium version, which costs each employee $24 per month.

best apps for project managementTrello is one of the most popular project management apps around, and often finds itself in many “top 10 apps of any kind” lists. This is because it’s remarkably easy to use and is based on the popular Kanban Boards.

What this means is that Trello is essentially a virtual whiteboard that comes complete with post-it-notes. The catch is that it’s much smaller and portable than a real whiteboard, yet can do everything you use a whiteboard for – plus so much more.

Indeed, you can use several boards at any time, and it doesn’t cost a penny. You can use it on the iOS or the Android.

  • Microsoft Project

best apps for project managementAlthough Microsoft’s stock has dwindled considerably in the last few years, Microsoft Project continues to be one of the top project management apps around. Many people use it, but there is a slight drawback – its’ actually not that easy to use!

However, once you can get your head around its complex and somewhat busy interface, it does pretty much what every project manager wants it to do – and then some. You can use it to track your burn rates, customise reports, and keep on track until everything is done.

You can download a free trial, after which prices start from $549 per license.

top project management apps
The rather oddly named 10,000ft is a resource planning tool that ensures you always keep the bigger picture at the forefront of your mind. Using this app for project management, your team is able to collaborate together in real time, and helps you to keep track of budget, time and anything else you might need.

top project management appsEverNote has been around for some time now, and although it’s hard to say it’s one of the best apps for project management because technically it isn’t actually a project management app, most users do use it as one.

Essentially a note-taking tool, EverNote is incredibly user-friendly and helps people to stay on top of multiple projects. Many people prefer to use it on small, personal projects, but you can also get team members onboard, too.

It comes with both a free version and a premium version which costs $45 a year or just $5 per month.

Start using best project management apps today!