Best Offline Navigation Apps

You won’t always have Internet access when you’re out and about while abroad or in a remote area of your own country. Make sure you never get lost when you consider the absolute best offline navigation app for your requirements. You won’t need to worry about connecting to GPS with the right app at your fingertips.

The Top 10 GPS Apps

You don’t need to spend hours and hours looking through the plethora of apps available out there when we’ve put together a list of the top 10 GPS apps which can be used online and offline alike.


HERE WeGoUsing a GPS app without internet could be a daunting experience without offerings like this one. It saves all the latest data regarding traffic conditions, taxi services and maps in advance, so that when you lack a phone signal, you’re still going to get home in time for dinner. You can choose to download extensive maps of your local area for a huge range of cities worldwide, making this truly one of the top navigation apps.


gps app without internetYou’d never believe how well you can use this GPS app without internet access until you’d tried it. You can download all the maps you need in advance so there’s really no need for an Internet connection even if you have one. This could qualify as the best navigation app simply on the merit of how it works the same way no matter what your connection status.


top navigation appsIf you’re a keen off-road cyclist or trail hiker, then this will surely become one of the top navigation apps in your collection. It relies heavily on its users to suggest each other all kinds of interesting biking spots and hiking trails, letting you discover new places to visit that you never knew even existed. This combines with a permanently switched-on sync function to make sure you never get lost when out on a new trail. Komoot is arguably the best navigation app for outdoors enthusiasts.


the best navigation appTo even have a shot at being considered the best GPS app offline functions must stand head and shoulders above the competition, and Maps.Me doesn’t fall an inch short. It’s highly detailed and gives you the lowdown on every single major city in all the countries you can imagine. You’ll even get information on the local landmarks without any connection required at all. There’s a reason that this genuinely deserves to be a top-rated navigation app.

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top 10 gps appsIf not necessarily the number one best GPS app offline, Sygic retains a high level of popularity and is more than worth checking out. It’s great for use as a substitute for your typical vehicular GPS device as it’s powered by TomTom and has no qualms with being used offline. It remains a top-rated navigation app for its numerous unique features like offering an SOS mode in case you find yourself in the midst of an emergency, and you can share your route with other users. The major downside is that after a 7-day trial, you’ll have to shell out for the full version.

BackCountry Navigator

best gps app offlineIf you’re a stickler for doing things the proper way when you’re out camping in the woods, you’re going to want a proper topographical map to get the true lay of the land. This is a pricey app but it does exactly what it says on the can by providing high-quality maps that you can use in exactly the same way you would use a paper map. You can mark significant points on the map and there’s really no better choice for a traditionalist.


CoPilotIf you’re going to be driving a rental car in a foreign country and you don’t want your mobile data roaming bill to hit the roof, you need an offline navigation app. It works much the same way as any vehicular GPS device worth its salt. You get vocal commands for the next turning as well as display of the next two directions, leaving you fully aware of what’s coming up. CoPilot can quickly make up a new route if you miss a turning or there’s a diversion in place, and it even makes sure that you know all about the local speed limit whenever it changes. If you love to drive in places where the Internet connection might be patchy at best, this is the perfect app for you.


top rated navigation appThis is an all-inclusive GPS app that works well both online and offline. You can use it for accurate direction on a turn by turn basis as well as for getting to grips with the closest points of interest while offline. If you need to keep your wits about you and stop staring at your phone for directions as you walk along, it also offer vocal instructions to help you out.


MaverickThis is an interesting alternative for all you hikers and campers out there. Once you’ve downloaded a local map, it is saved for future use while offline. It runs using a simple user interface that’s easy to get to grips with.

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NavmiiThis is a great little app available on most operating systems, letting you get from one place to another without any hassle. It’s intuitive to use and it doesn’t try to dazzle you to disguise any dependence on style over substance.

Depending on your needs, the best offline navigation app for you could be any of these ten. Consider all the pros and cons of each app before you opt for the paid version of any of them. Make sure you don’t get lost when you have the right app at your fingertips.

With the best offline navigation app at your side, you can explore the world without any concern or worry. Download one of these apps and get out there.