top money saving apps

What are the best money saving apps available to download, install and use today? “Don’t save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after savings.” – Warren Buffet

When the purse strings get tight and we have to operate on a budget, saving money for a “rainy day” becomes essential. But it’s also really hard to do. With the temptation to splash the cash at every corner, putting money aside in our savings account is a real challenge. If you ask anyone if they live within their means, most will probably say No. Many of us are guilty of overspending on everything, from food and drink, to clothes, new shoes – and especially holidays!

But if you’re really determined to save money better for a more secure future, there are apps for saving money that can help. These money manager app’s can help with everything, from budgeting to comparing prices on a plane ticket. There are lots of these apps available. To help you choose, let’s take a look at the 10 best money saving apps on the market.

List of best money saving apps October 2021

Hotel Tonight

money saving appsHotel Tonight is an app that helps you find the cheapest, last minute deals on hotels that can save you a small fortune. It’s well worth a download if you are among the growing number of travelers who leave it until the very last minute to book a hotel. When you do this, hotel prices can be astronomical. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense to download Hotel Tonight and bag yourself the deal of a lifetime.

According to users:

  • “My go-to source for my last minute crazy ideas.”
  • “My favorite hotel booking app.”
  • “Awesome deals!”

The app is available for both Android and iOS, and is definitely one of the best budget apps October 2021.


MintMint is a best home finance app that helps you to better manage all your financial activity. And the best thing is that it manages everything from all your accounts. Each transaction you make is recorded and categorized automatically. The app keeps track of your spending habits, and helpfully makes a budget for you. If you use it with the iPad, it will even create a graph for you that offers a visual representation of your cash flow and net worth. It’s totally free to download, install and use.

You Need A Budget

budget planner appDo You Need A Budget? Probably! And if you do, the YNAB budget planner app is here to help you create one that you can easily stick to. The app isn’t overly fussy but it is very detailed, and operate using 4 basic rules.

  1. Assign each dollar a job.
  2. Save cash for a rainy day.
  3. Always roll with the punches.
  4. Don’t live on this month’s income, but on last month’s income.

It’s such a gloriously simple and ingenious app October 2021 that helps you to save cash the stress-free way. It does cost money, but will save you so much in the long term.


apps for saving moneyGroupOn is a massively popular app that can get you as much as 90% off anything you can think of, from hotels to restaurants to retailers. You can find the best deals closest to you, and there is a continuous stream of new deals added all the time. It also encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new – a great app to download in 2021.


DiceDice is a British money saving app that saves you money on concert tickets. You can use it to brows upcoming gigs in your area (and beyond), and purchase tickets there and then. These tickets are then saved securely on your smartphone. Dice isn’t an app that covers every single concert, but instead offers up a selection chosen by the team of editors. But how does it promise to save you money? Because there are no booking fees! Dice is available on the Android and iOS.

NUS Extra

money manager appNUS Extra is only available to UK students. If you are one, it’s a budget planner app that is well worth downloading. Let’s face it, students are not the best when it comes to budgeting and managing their money. But when you leave home to go and study at university, budgeting is something you’ll have to get to grips with pretty quickly. And NUS Extra can help you out so that you aren’t the one left at home in December while everyone else is out partying! The app comes with nifty location-based features, and a search function is particularly useful. It’s available for Android and iOS.


best home finance appThere isn’t really a more glowing testament we can pay to ShopKick other than that 6,000,000 users can’t be wrong! Yup, that’s how many people are relying on this app to get them better deals on everyday products from the likes of Best Buy, Macy’s and Target. Don’t hesitate to download this one of the best apps for iPhone 2021.


MySupermarketMySupermarket is one of those apps for saving money that everyone can benefit from. Picture the scene: You’re shopping on an empty stomach (again) and literally want to eat everything in site. You pile your shopping trolley up with produce after produce, and go white when the cashier tells you it’s gonna cost you $2,300. Not that you care – you just want to eat! Our grocery bill is easily the one thing that eats into our budgeting more than anything else. If anything is going to stop you from saving your money, it’s food and drink. MySupermarket helps you to bag yourself discounts, and it also keeps a tab on prices while keeping you up to date regarding new deals.


SnipSnapSnipSnap is a money manager app that is basically mobile coupon paradise. The difference with this is that you can also take photos of print coupons from most retailers, before seamlessly turning them into digital ones that are mobile ready. There is also an online director you can browse to find any coupons that your friends might have already snipped.


LivingSocialLivingSocial works in a similar way to GroupOn in that it is an app that gives you access to a wealth of amazing local deals. You can use it find incredible deals in your town or city, saving money on hotels, stores and restaurants. It’s easily one of the best money saving apps around.