If you’re trying to keep in shape, you might be thinking that it’s all about boring and plain food. Especially if you been following what the media usually has to say about health and fitness, you probably think it’s all about avoiding fat, sugar and all the rest of it. This isn’t actually the case at all, and you’re often better off choosing the original, unaltered version of foods like coconut milk than the so-called healthier alternatives.

The best health and fitness apps are those which weigh up all the evidence and display delicious and truly nutritious meal ideas and snack recipes for you to try. If you’re trying to tone up your body or lose a few pounds, it’s really important that you enjoy your food to the fullest. Good, wholesome food keeps your mind on the right track and you’ll find it much easier to keep your eye on the ball when you have all the energy and enthusiasm you need.

Which Are the Best Apps for Healthy Eating?

There are so many apps on the market these days, with new ones seemingly coming out by the hour. That’s why it’s so difficult to get to grips with all the different features of the various apps you come across. There’s just too much to process when it comes to deciding which app will be the most useful to you as an individual. This is a short guide to a few of the best apps available if you want to track your health and fitness.
Arguably the best of all the different apps for healthy eating is MyFitnessPal. The developers of this useful app recognize that there are many kinds of food plan that suit different people at different times. The MyFitnessPal team regularly examines custom foods added by individual users and approves of all accurate data so you know that you’re in safe hands.

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If you’re looking for health tracking apps that focus on keeping tabs on your exercise regime, then you’re absolutely spoilt for choice. Most of us thrive on feedback from our peers, whether we’d like to admit it or not, and that’s what makes Fitocracy one of the best choices if you want to boost your fitness and exercise regime to the next level.

What Else Can I Use to Track My Health?

  • If you’re trying to lose weight and tone up your body, then you could do worse than picking up running. There are plenty of great training programs to follow like those offered by Couch to 5K which simply does what it says on the can. Even if you’ve never run before, you’ll be ready to race in no time at all.
  • If running sounds like your thing but you’re worried that you’ll get a little bored, then why not switch it up with a zombified twist. Zombies, Run! turns jogging into a survival experience where you gather materials for your camp and sprint away from the undead hordes. It might sound silly but it sure is fun.
  • If you’re looking to build up your muscles but don’t want to have to log all your reps and rest times with a pen and paper, get down the gym and give StrongLifts 5×5 a try.
  • If you’re super organized and are looking for an all-inclusive, integrated experience, then you should take a look at Sworkit. You can sync all your workout data with MyFitnessPal too. You can focus on exactly the kind of workout you need, whether it’s cardio, stretching, yoga or strength training. The calories you burn will be added automatically.
  • If you have to take it easy on your joints, then you’d probably be better off hiking through the mountains than pounding the pavement. Use Yonder to find the best hiking and biking trails in your area. If you’re lucky enough to be in the right spot, you might even find a top skiing or kayaking course to test your nerve on.

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Healthy Eating Made Easy

If you lack knowledge of what’s in your food, use Fooducate to get the lowdown on how healthy a product is. It seamlessly displays all the information you need about any food plus its individual ingredients. It also has a great community with members who are only too happy to help you out.

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If you’re something of a novice in the kitchen, you might need a few pointers when it comes to cooking healthy food properly. Use SideChef for top-notch instructions all given by voice command. If you mess up and miss a step, just ask the app to repeat itself. You’ll never have to scrub off sticky fingerprints from your phone ever again.

There are so many helpful healthy cooking apps that you’ll have no problems finding the one that’s perfect specifically for you.

Keeping an Eye on Pre-existing Disease

If you suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure, you know how important it is to watch over your blood sugar and all the rest of it. Even if you’re just curious about a symptom you’ve recently experienced, you can ask professional physicians all about it via the HealthTap app. You can even go one step further and get access to unlimited video and text communication with top doctors.

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Health tracking apps really make keeping in shape a doddle. You can track every last calorie even from restaurant menus so you don’t have to resort to an unwise cheat day to get through a business lunch. You can keep an eye on your latest track times if you’re a keen runner, so you’ll be leaner and meaner than ever before in no time at all. You can even make sure that your meals are as balanced as can be when every important nutrient is tracked for you without the need for micromanaging every little thing you put in your mouth. The best health and fitness apps have it all covered and leave you feeling satisfied, encouraged and ready for the next step on the path that is your life.

If you were unsure about which are the best health and fitness apps before, you certainly know what you’re talking about after reading this. There’s no time to waste, so tap that download button and hit the ground running.