Best Gallery Apps

You can do far more than just scroll through your latest photos when you take advantage of all the hot features offered by the best gallery app you can find. It’s easy to share all kinds of photo content with your friends and organize your pictures in unique ways when you have the right app at your fingertips. Here are the top ten gallery apps to help you get the most out of your phone.

The Top Ten Picture Gallery App Choices

Consider each of these apps for all their pros and cons before you download your favorite. There are all kinds of features, some of which you probably never thought possible. Without any further ado, here are the top ten best apps.


F-StopSpeed is king, and especially so when you need to hunt down your favorite photo to share it on social media. Use a fast photo viewer like this and it’s easy to find what you need as it lets you search even by the metadata attached to each of your images. Most of its great features are free, but there’s a Pro version which you can get for just under $5. It’s worth the money though as when it comes to downloading a fast photo viewer, they don’t get much quicker than this.


fast photo viewerPhotos are for sharing, so the more options a picture gallery app gives you, the better it is. QuickPic permits you to upload your images to all kinds of cloud-based storage services, including favourites like DropBox and its own CM Cloud service. It has so many functions that it’s fit to burst. You can password protect your content, edit your photos and create slideshows. There’s not a lot more you could ask for.

MyRoll Gallery

picture gallery appIf you’re looking for a smooth and seamless experience, this is the best photo album app for your particular requirements. It automatically sorts your photos by criteria including date, time of day and location, helping you to create the perfect photo album for upload to social media. MyRoll Gallery also offers an absolutely whopping 50GB of cloud storage.

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best photo album appIf you like grouping your photos together so you can remember your day out, this could be the best photo album app for you. Its organizational capabilities are second to none. It uses a circular layout to display your photos and you can quickly and easily swipe them into different folders for simple sorting. Try the free version and find out if this is the best album app for you before you opt for the admittedly wonderful premium option.


best album appWhen it comes down to it, the best album app is the one that inspires you to take even more photos while you’re out and about, and there’s nothing better than making a cool slideshow of your latest escapades. You can customize your slideshow and save it as a high-resolution video file that you can share through all manner of different apps. This app is free and includes all kinds of organizational options, making it well worth your time.


PikturesThis is one of those apps that really appeals once you give it your confidence and try it out. While it’s certainly not as widely used as it could be, this isn’t really a fair judgment of its abilities. Its user interface is really very easy to get to grips with, letting you look through your photos with a minimum of hassle. Not only that, but it offers support for a number of file types like video and animated images, and there’s even a PIN-protected security function.

Gallery KK

Gallery KKIf you need a simple app that gets right to business, this one does the job nicely. Gallery KK performs all the basic functions admirably and is perfect for those of you who don’t really want all the fluff that surrounds a lot of apps these days. You can tag and edit photos, clip and mute videos, and play around with GIF files. There’s not a lot else you need, really.

Gallery Vault

Gallery VaultWhen security is absolutely paramount, you need a safe app that’ll perform exactly as advertised. That’s what you get with Gallery Vault. In fact, it’s so security-minded that you can even hide its icon so that you’re the only person who even knows it exists, let alone being the only one who can access its content. There’s a free trial on offer and you can’t do much better than this if you need to conceal your personal photos.

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A+ Gallery

A+ GalleryThey say sharing is caring, and that certainly seems to be the mantra of the guys who developed this app. Usually Facebook is pretty unwieldy when it comes to linking it up with third party apps, but not this time. You can use their photo backup service, letting you share your photos without even opening the Facebook app. This is really quite a rarity and should be capitalized upon.

Google Photos

Google PhotosYou’re probably already aware of this if you’re an Android user. It’s perhaps a little disappointing to see such a well-known app on a list of the best ones, but bear with us. It’s perfect for quick access and backup of all your data and you only need your usual Google password to set it up. There’s always the automatic filtering options to twist your arm if it’s ease of use hasn’t convinced you.

Photo album apps have come a long way since camera phones were first invented, so take a look at all the different features on offer before you decide which of these ten is the best gallery app for your personal requirements. Whether you need a sharp design, a simple interface or tons of sharing features, there’s sure to be one for you.

Examine this list of the ten best gallery app choices before you download a single byte of data. See if you can make your day a little brighter with a photo app.