best cleaning apps for android

When your Android starts running slowly, it’s probably in dire need of a cleaning app. This is because, though you might not realise it, an Android device often has numerous hidden processes working in the background that are eating up vital space and bringing down your phone’s efficiency.

Hidden processes are also at work on your computer and laptop, but the difference is that you can access these processes and shut them down. On your Android, this isn’t always possible.

This is where phone cleaning apps come in useful. Cleaning apps for Android take care of these hidden processes by shutting them down, thereby freeing up your phone’s space and making it work like magic again! Let’s take a look at 10 of the best cleaning apps for Android.

best cleaning apps for androidWonderShare Mobile Go is one of our favourite cleaning apps that work as an all-in-one Android manager.

It’s totally free to download from Google Play, and also comes with neat additional features, including SafeEraser, file transfer and App Manager. The only real downside is that it can drain your battery pretty quickly.

It can:

  • Boost your apps
  • Manages your APKs
  • Eliminate unwanted junk files
  • Uninstall apps
  • Free up space

best cleaning apps for androidEver wanted your own cleaning maid on tap? Well, now you’ve got one (for your Android at least!). SD Maid is essentially a file maintenance app which doubles up as a file manager. It finds any files or folders that have been left behind by apps, and which have been uninstalled by your device – but which are still there, taking up space and memory. SD Maid will delete ‘em for you. You can download a free version of SD Maid, or you can purchase a premium version which comes with a few added extras. If we have any beef with SD Maid, it’s that’s less of an optimisation app and more of maintenance app.

cleaning app
Clean Master is actually the most popular phone cleaning app available. Why? Because it’s pretty awesome.

Clean Master is really easy to use, which is part of its charm. You can use it to clean your residual files, your app cache, as well as wipe clean your history so that you’ve basically got a clean slate.

A real pro of this app is its beautiful interface.

cleaning appApp Cache Cleaner is another awesome free app that is hands-down one of the best Android cleaning apps of all time.

One of the biggest problems Android users face is that apps store cache files until they pile up on top of another, taking up more space and more memory. With App Cache Cleaner, you can end these problems simply by downloading the app and letting it work its magic.

One of the biggest pros is that App Cache Cleaner actually lets you know when your cache files need clearing out. Bonus!

Con? It is limited to cache files only.

phone cleaning appDU Speed Booster comes with a tonne of great features. Combined, these features make DU Speed Booster easily one of the 10 best cleaning apps for Android you can download for FREE. The downside? Its features might prove a little bit too much for newbies who aren’t sure what they’re doing.

These features include:

  • Trash Cleaner that easily eliminates junk files and app cache
  • App manager
  • One-touch accelerator
  • Internet speed test
  • Privacy advisor
  • Antivirus feature

Combined, these features make DU Speed Booster easily one of the 10 best cleaning apps for Android you can download for FREE. The downside? Its features might prove a little bit too much for newbies who aren’t sure what they’re doing.

phone cleaning appRoot Cleaner is one of the best cleaning apps for Android if you’re prepared to pay $4.99. If you are, you’ll find this app is pretty awesome.

Root Cleaner needs root permission before it can do anything. Once it’s got this permission, it performs an awesome spring clean on your device.

You can use it for a quick clean or a full clean. The quick clean works in the same way that various one-tap cleaning apps do, and is fairly basic but it does free up memory and space.

The flu clean goes the extra mile and even cleans up your device’s dalvik cache. It does, however, need a system reboot to do this,

cleaning apps for androidCPU Tuner is totally free.

It gives you the chance to manually alter your CPU settings so that you’re in full control of your devices performance.

You can over clock and under clock so that battery life is preserved and performance is enhanced.

cleaning apps for android1 Tap Cleaner has a pretty rad unique selling point: It can clean up your Android with just one tap.

It comes with a History Cleaner as well as a Cache Cleaner, and it also cleans out your call/text log history.

It also comes with a bonus cleaning option that allows you to clean out an apps default action(s).

It’s totally free and 100% user friendly, but it does have rather limited functionalities compared with some other apps on this list.

best android cleaning appCleaner eXtreme is another one of those top-quality cleaning apps for Android that is completely free.

It’s really aimed at data conscious folk who want their phone optimised, but who are so scared of losing important data that they so far haven’t bought an Android cleaner.

So, one of the bonuses of this cleaning app is that it deletes your unwanted fils without messing around with your important system data.

It utilises a neat one-tap system and is really easy to use.

However, experts who want a little bit more may find it wanting.

best android cleaning appYou might have heard of CCleaner before if you’ve ever used it to clean up your laptop or computer. It is now compatible with the Android, and basically does the same job.

In a nutshell, its job is to free up space by ridding your phone of unwanted temp files, download folders and app cache.

It can also sweep up your SMS and call log. It comes with extra features including CPU storage meters and PP manager.

Choose the best cleaning apps for Android and download them!