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What are the top 10 apps for startups [m] [y] that are available to download, install and use right now?

Launching your own startup is both exciting and challenging. Worse still, the numbers would appear to be against you: after five years, only 50% of small businesses are still going. Tech startups fare even worse, with only 10% of new tech startups managing to scale up after those testing first five years.

There are a lot of things you can do to get your small business off the ground and give it a better chance of survival. For example, you can read books and blogs by people who have already been there and done it, attend growth hacking seminars and conferences, as well as work with mentors and other experienced people.

But there is only so much help that other people can give you. In [m] [y], you need a bit more. This is where app startup comes in. Apps for startups are inexpensive to download, and they solve a heap of problems. Apps can help you to handle your transactions better, schedule meetings with ease, manage projects with greater success, as well as keep everything nicely organized.

There are a lot of mobile app startups on the market right now. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best.

List of Best Apps for Startups [m] [y]


apps for startupsVSCO Cam is an app that is ideal for when your startup needs to craft a professional public image and brand that is eye-catching, engaging, and which leaves a strong first impression that leads to conversions and sales. It’s essentially a photo-filtering app which can be used across numerous platforms. Many professional photographers already use it to filter photographs that eventually appear in magazines, and it will help your startup to create Instagram-ready photos that standout from the crowd. It costs nothing to download this amazing app for startups [m] [y].


app startupAsana app helps you to navigate better between various work-related concerns. With this app, there is less confusion and hassle than ever before. Jason Ballard, CEO of startup TreeHouse, says: “Rather than clogging my inbox with messages about all the things I’m working on, we use Asana, a project management app that lets me manage my fundraising, store openings and hiring.” It’s free to download.

mobile app startupsTrello is one of the most popular project management apps that will make managing your projects so much easier and less stress-free. Usable, flexible and packed with features, it’s a visually compelling app that only takes a few minutes to get the hang of. Make your startup even more effective in [y] with this collaboration app.


SquareSpaceSquareSpace is a website building platform that could have a hugely positive impact on your start-up if you let it. According to the founder and editor of By Way of Brooklyn magazine, the app helped her to forge a strong online presence. It also helps you to keep your content bang up to date, and ensures that you don’t fall behind your competitors when it comes to digital marketing – which is super important. “We’re always on the move,” says Sarah Kim, founder of By Way of Brooklyn, “and when we can’t get back to a computer to update our site, we use the SquareSpace app. We can blog and post on the spot.” SquareSpace is free to download.


PeriscopePeriscope wasn’t actually created with startups in mind. Its tagline was that it allows users to “explore the world through someone else’s eyes,” and it’s been used by everyone from individual bloggers to conferences. And startups have realized its potential for helping them raise awareness of their brand. Periscope gives you the chance to beam live meetings, seminars, talks and even quick vlogs to anyone around the world. It’s easy to download and install, and lets users leave real-time comments. It’s perfect for growing your brand and interacting with your customers, and it’s free to download.

Product Hunt

ProductHuntProductHunt is a neat app startup that has long been in the making. With so many new startups, apps and various other tools coming into existence, something like Product Hunt just had to be created eventually. This app is essentially a Reddit-style website that lets uses submit and vote on everything that is new and happening in advanced technology. For any of you who are launching a start up anytime soon, Product Hunt is a must-have tool that will help you to stay ahead of the competition. It’s free to download.


ShoeBoxedShoeBoxed is a paper management app. While you might be wandering why a start-up would need to worry about paper management, it’s actually one of those jobs we forget about it or ignore/avoid – until it bites us in the bum at a later date. To help you keep track of all your receipts and business cards, downloading ShoeBoxed is a good idea for your startup in [y].

Square Register

Square RegisterSquare Register is a mobile app startups that has already been around for quite some time now, bit it’s still one of the best. Indeed, thanks to a wealth of upgrades and improvements, it’s got better with age. The idea behind the app is that it makes iPad-processed purchases with your credit card easier than ever before. Dennis Lee, an entrepreneur who co-founded startup Astoria Coffee in New York, uses this app to process all his transactions, and says that it provided him with a unique insight into how business works. “It has a really useful back-end feature that allows us to track sales and organize data.”

When I Work Employee Scheduling

When I Work Employee SchedulingWhen I Work Employee Scheduling comes with a really long name, but it essentially does what it says in the title: It helps you and you staff out with scheduling. Scheduling, after all, is what a lot of fledgling startups struggle with. It’s an important part of a well-oiled machine, but as you hire more and more people, it can be really difficult to stay on top of things. When I Work Employee Scheduling is an app which makes it easier than ever to view your organization’s schedule, as well as your budget and the availability of each employee. If a scheduling conflict arises, the app will instantly let you know, and suggests quick ways of solving the problem. It’s free to download.

Tiny Scanner

Tiny ScannerNeed a PDF scanner app? Of course you do. In today’s world it is almost an essential. Well, this app can not only scan PDF documents, Tiny Scanner will also upgrade your startups efficiency no end. Free to download, it’s one of our favorite apps for startups that is incredibly useful. Find also our funny jokes app for Android here!