Top team collaboration apps

What are the best 10 team collaboration apps in 2016?  As more and more of our team members are working remotely, getting everyone working together from the same sheet is not easy. Many workplaces and organizations now rely on digital communication to stay connected with their employees, and it looks as though this trend is only going to keep on growing.

From Project Management to Team Collaboration Apps

This is where project management apps come in. Convenient, easy to use and easy get to grips with, these apps bring your team together – no matter where you all are. Team collaboration tools can be used for quick, short-term projects when a few staff members are away, or they can be used for longer term collaborations as your workforce becomes ever more mobile.

There are many project collaboration apps available in the Apple Store and Google Store, but choosing the one that is right for you is super important. Here, we put the best 10 team collaboration apps in the spotlight to help you make the right decision.


team collaboration appsBitrix24 arms your company with a social intranet that boosts the exchange of info passed between colleagues. You and your team are able to manage info in one single place, as well as leave comments on documents, schedule meetings and even share calendars.  Users will be able to see notification, activity streams, comments, instant messages and much more. The idea here is to improve efficiency by reducing the number of meetings that take up a lot of time.  You can get the app on either Android or iOS. There is a free version available, while the most expensive costs $199 per month and comes with unlimited storage.


team collaboration appDaPulse is a visual project management app that helps managers to achieve bigger team goals. According to the makers, organisation info is not enough, and the app aims to go beyond traditional project management tools by bringing teams together so that everyone is moving steadily to the same, shared goal.


team collaborations appHuddle helps you plan new projects, share files and generally boosts the collective productivity of a team. You can use the app to edit and view documents, and save your updates so that everyone on your team can see your changes. Huddle lets you track the progress of each member of your team. You can also assign deadlines, assign tasks, and update worker’s with their progress.


project management appsLeanKit is really useful for teams, but it’s absolutely perfect for those of you who have numerous remote workers among your staff. It gives each team member a detailed overview of any project, and the view is broken down into readable and actionable cards. To see and edit details, all you need to do is tap the cads. Adding videos and pictures is really easy, and you can also add files from third-party apps, such as Dropbox.


project management appWrike is one of the top team collaboration apps that helps users to stay on top of their projects, no matter how big or small. Keeping track of where everyone is up to has never been this easy. The app allows you to create to-do lists for both your team and individuals, and it also lets you set deadlines, respond to comments, and view everyone’s activity in real time.  It also comes with add-ins for Apple Mail and Outlook, and is free to download.


team collaboration toolsSlack is one of the most popular project management apps on the market, many small and even large businesses relying on it to help team members communicate quickly with one another, share files, discuss ideas and generally grow the business.

The app simplifies messaging so that your employees waste less time in unnecessary meetings and spend more time actually being productive.

With Slack, you can create numerous channels for different topics, and members of each channel are able to send and receive files, messages, emails and more. The app synchs with other devices, including Dropbox and Google Drive.


team collaboration appIntellinote is a pretty comprehensive project collaboration tool that has a USP: It has a video conferencing feature. Intellinote lets you and your team keep on top of projects with greater efficiency and organisation. Your team can easily upload and share files and documents, while you yourself are able to manage tasks with less hassle than ever. You can start screen sharing, audio and video sessions with this app, and you can also receive as many notifications as you want. There is a 30 day free trial available, after which users will be asked to pay between $10 a month per user or $3,600 per year for 50 users.

Flow Tasks + Flow Chat

team collaboration toolFlow Tasks + Flow Chat are two team collaboration tools in one that boost communication and organisation at your company. These apps let your team talk about projects without the need for meetings, and they help you to make the right plans so that your team gets things done quickly.  The chat allows for instant messaging, which means there is no more need for time consuming emails. The app is 100% free to download, and can be used on the Android and the iOS.

project is ideal for anyone who is looking to set up and hold team meetings with greater organisation and efficiency. Your team members will need to have an Android of iPhone device to be able to join meetings remotely. lets users host meetings and present documents, PowerPoints and so on remotely from their iPad or iPhone. You can use whiteboards to draw, upload images and add icons. The app is super popular, super convenient, and has improved the way team meetings are held across the world.


project collaborationsLots of apps let you create individual to-do lists, but how many let you create team-based tasks? Few do this is as good as Producteev, a project collaboration app that helps managers keep on top of their projects, tasks and messages.  The app can be used to create team-based to-do lists, as well as set deadlines, reminders and assign tasks to employes. You also receive updates instantly, while useful filters let you sort tasks and projects in numerous different ways.  The app is free to download and can be used on either iOS or Android. You can add as many users and projects as you want/need, while a Pro version costs $99 per month.

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