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What Are the Best Cooking Apps Available for Download in 2016?

We take a look at some of our favorite recipe apps that will help to bring out your inner chef.  There was a time when we relied on cookbooks to help us scramble our eggs, make mushroom omelettes or perfect our soufflés. Without these resources of help, many of us would struggle to make a slice of toast without burning our kitchen down. And making a soufflé that actually rose? Impossible! Today, though, the kitchen cookbook is slowly becoming obsolete, thanks largely to the sheer volume of kitchen app’s that are vying for your attention. These apps make a lot of sense; they’re easy to download and install, and they can help turn your burnt toast into a culinary masterpiece.

Even better, many of these apps make cooking FUN.  But just in case you’re struggling to make sense of all the apps that are available, from recipe organizer apps to cookbook apps, let’s take a look at the top 10 that you need to take a look at.

How To Cook Everything Essentials

recipe appsThis app includes over two thousand recipes from award-winning New York Times columnist Mark Bittman, who also happens to be a fantastic professional chef.  In this app, beginners can start off with the basics, such as easy to make tomato sauce recipes, while seasoned cooks can up their kitchen game with more complex dishes, such bas octopus with red wine and tomatoes.

Lots of American apps are only semi-metric, but this one is fully metric.  There is also lots of advice on the best equipment to use, and it gives you the lowdown on various techniques.

Modernist Cuisine At Home

recipe appThis particular app for IOS is not cheap, and will in fact cost you £54.99. As such, it’s aimed at high-end chefs who want to cook some amazing, luxurious dishes that are dripping with taste and exotica.  Although it is pricy, it’s worth bearing in mind that the book version will set you back £100.

Great British Chefs

best cooking appsEveryone knows that the French and the Italian’s are great chefs, but what about the British? Aside from the traditional English breakfast, there is a lot to be said for British food, from Sunday Roast’s to Lancashire hot pots. In this great app, all the best of British is covered, with lots of great recipes included from some of Great Britain’s finest and much loved chefs. The photographs are gorgeous and really put you in the mood to cook up the storm, while one of the app’s best features is a shopping list function which ensures that you are able to cook a meal with all the key ingredients.

The Good Fish Guide

best cooking appThis best cooking app was created by the Marine Conversation Society.

It will help you to make a more ethical decision the next time you buy fish.

Saveur Magazine

cooking appsThere are a lot of food magazines out there, and most of the best ones come with their own recipe apps. Some of the best include BBC Good Food and Jamie, but the very best is this app from Saveur Magazine.  Saveur Magazine is American, and this app includes some delicious American recipes that you’ve probably heard of since you was a kid, but were never confident enough to cook. And every time you asked your mom to cook you a sweet potato pie, she always refused and told you to eat your greens instead. Gosh darn it! Download this app and create your very own all-American kitchen.


cooking appPaprika is one of the very best recipe organiser app’s on the market today – if not the very best. Aimed squarely at individuals like myself who invariably pin recipes to their fridges before leaving a trail of disorganised shopping lists everywhere, it’s an intelligent electronic manager that helps you to organise your recipes so that you can focus more on your cooking.  It comes with some handy features, including seamless cloud sync across numerous devices, a built-in timer and a screen lock so that it never switches off when you’re in the middle of something important.

Riverford Veg Recipes

recipe organizer appIf you’re a vegetarian, or if you just want to eat more greens this, fab app is for you.

It includes almost 800 recipes and will introduce you to fruit and vegetables you’ve never head of before.

My Fitness Pal

kitchen appIs My Fitness Pal a kitchen app? In some ways – no, but in other ways – most certainly.  Think of it like this: It’s three days after Christmas, you’ve just weighed yourself, and you’re shocked to see that you’ve piled on way more pounds than you expected. You’re a little bit upset and you’re now cursing your amazing recipe apps for making you cook up such a weight-gaining storm over xmas.

My FitnessPal helps you keep track of your calories when you’re cooking. If you want to lose weight via cooking, it will let you know what you can eat, what you can’t it, as well as what you should add to a dish to lose weight and what you should take away.  For example, it lets you know exactly how many calories a single teaspoon of olive oil contains (40 for anyone asking).

Jamie’s Recipes

recipe organizer appsJamie Oliver is a popular British chef who now has plenty of worldwide appeal. A cheeky chap, his recipes are exciting, unique, and always bursting with flavour. He’s also not afraid to experiment either, and here he shares with you lots of super recipes that he’s created.  Each month, this totally free app gives you 6 new videos and ten brand new recipes for you to get your teeth into. If you subscribe, you can also download lots of cool stuff, such as money-saving meals.  The app comes with lots of fab tips, interactive photos, and the man himself even makes an appearance now and then, too. You’ve just gotta love this great kitchen app.

The Perfect Egg Timer

kitchen appsThis is a smart cooking app that is aimed at egg enthusiasts everywhere. And because American’s eat around 250 eggs each per person every single year, it’s easy to imagine that lots of you love an egg. But have you ever created the perfect egg? Well, now you can! The Perfect Egg Timer is a quirky app that arms you with info such as egg diameter, temperature and altitude so that you always make the perfect egg each time. Awesome!

Start cooking delicious meals with these receipt apps today!