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What Are the Best Writing Apps 2016?

What are the best 10 apps for writers available for download today?  They say that writers aren’t really into technology. They say that writers are solitary people who live inside their heads, and who would happily make a return to the typewriter if they could. But this is not always true.

While some writers have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, others have embraced the digital transformation with open arms. And those writers know exactly how useful writing apps are.  Writing applications help with the writing process so much so that those who have already been using them for a number of years will probably admit that they are essential. If you’re the kind of writer who procrastinates often and are slowed down by disorganisation, downloading yourself a writing app could enhance your working life 100%.

We have compiled a list of top apps that are useful and which don’t clog up your home screen or slow your phone or computer down. Some are free, while others cost a bit of cash. All are awesome. Let’s take a look!


apps for writersMindNode is available for iOS, costs $9.99 and helps to bring your ideas to life. Essentially a creative writing app, MindNode helps you map out your thoughts so that they don’t stay rooted in your head where you can’t see or organise them.  Aimed largely at novelists, short story writers of screenwriters, it asks you to type out your central thought before letting you branch it out with various plot points, sub plots, characters and so on.  It’s basically a great way of creating the structure for your story.


writing appsWordBook is available for both iOS and Android, and will cost you as little as $2.99 to use.  While some might say that WordBook is nothing more than a dictionary and a thesaurus, the truth is that it’s a little bit more than that. It comes with a spell checker, suggested synonyms for if you’ve been using the same word a little bit too much, a history management tool, and it also has etymological info for every word.

If you’re not the best speller, or if your vocabulary needs widening, this is one of the best writing applications around right now.

Story Tracker

writing applicationsStory Tracker is available for iOS and will cost you $8.99 to download and instal. It keeps track of all your submitted novels, poems, short stories, screenplays, essays, blogs, avant-garde literature – and so on! Story Tracker records every single piece you submit, and also helps you keep track of how much money each piece make, when it was sent, how many responses it’s received and so on.It’s ideal for freelancers who have a hard time keeping on top of all their writing work, and it also stops you from submitting your work to the same publisher twice. Oops!


creative writing appsGoodReader can be download to iOS and will cost $4.99 for the privilege. It’s perfect for writers who like to edit (or need to edit) as you go along. Just save your document as a PDF and then mark your draft as much as you want and need.

GoodReader saves you a lot of time in the long run by letting you edit your manuscript in bits and pieces, rather than lumbering you with a massive edit job when you’ve completed your first draft.

The Brain Stormer

apps for writerThe Brain Stormer is available for iOS and costs just $1.99 to download. Its primary aim is to cure writer’s block, or to at least relieve its symptoms temporarily.

It does this via a series of brainstorming exercises that get your creative juices flowing.  You might find that some of the methods are a little bit wacky (you spin a wheel for a random plot or subject), but these exercises are simply designed to inspire you with ideas that are otherwise not forthcoming. And who knows? A story about a super hero jellyfish might just be your next best seller.

1Writer App

Writers App1Writer is amazing writers app available for iOS and costs just $4.99 to download and use.  This is a writing app that is useful for anyone who is finding it hard to get started on a new story. It helps you create a structure, starting with a premise to fleshing out your plots and sub plots. It also helps you to create detailed characters, and should be downloaded if you need to get that first ball rolling.

Index Card

writing applicationIndex Card is available for iOS and costs $2.99 to use.  It’s pretty self-explanatory, but what’s worth mentioning is the nifty user interface which is basically a small cork board that is designed to work brilliantly with touch screens.

Dragging and dropping your note cards is spur easy, and it’s perfect for if you want to record ideas on the go, but don’t want have your notebook and pen with you.

Pomodoro Timer

creative writing apPomodoro Timer is available for both Android and iOS and will cost you just $1.99 to download and install.  This is one of the best apps for writers who are struggling to manage their projects effectively. When I was a jobbing writer, I struggled with time management skills so much that I missed deadlines all the time. This was troublesome, not just for me but also for my client.

Pomodoro Timer sharpens up your time management skills by setting you 25 minutes for each task. You write for 25 minutes, take a breather, and then write for another 25 minutes. When we’re being timed, we work harder and our productivity improves. If your productivity is down at the moment, this may well be the app for you.


app for writerSpotify is available for both Android and iOS and comes with a free service with ads. Spotify is a music streaming app, but we also like to think of it as a creative writing app because music is our muse. And with access to millions of songs, your muse will never leave you again if you download this app.

Agent Obvious

app for writersAgent Obvious is available for iOS and it’s totally FREE. Agent Obvious is not really going to help you become a writer. Instead, literary agent Lauri Abkemeier uses the app to dish the dirt on everything you need to know about the complicated publishing world.

She’ll bring you up to scratch on everything from crafting a query that catches an editor’s eyes, to dealing with contract negations.

And the best thing is that Agent Obvious is funny.  This is one of those essential writing applications for writers who are serious about being published.

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