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The BaseCamp app is for those who want to be more productive and get more things done. The app’s newest version is Basecamp 3, which we’re featuring in this review. The latest version won’t work with version 2 and classic. For more than a decade, the app is used by teams worldwide, especially that they want to stay on the same page on every project that they’re working on. To date, there are over 50,000 installs of the app.

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Basecamp for Project Management Pros

Unlike alternatives to BaseCamp, this smart app lets users keep the feedback from their clients, including their approvals on the record. There is also pings function so that team members can quickly discuss in real time. Users love the instant or direct messages that they can do using it. Another useful feature of the app is that it has the “Work Can Wait” function, allowing users to set their schedule so that they don’t get notifications on the weekends. Also, users can make use of the Campfires feature that let them have a group chat with everyone on the team. And if a team member did a great job, you can simply click the button ‘Applause’ to show that you care. Even if someone is not a part of a project, he or she can also receive anything that shared with him or her. Aside from these, there are other cool features and functions that users will surely love in this app. In fact, it also has Basecamp Timeline, Cascading Notifications and Drafts.

Basecamp Cons

A few BaseCamp reviews noted that the app might be hard to use for first time users. Nevertheless, existing users also noted that it did not take them a long time to understand and use the app. For some, they are concerned with some ‘permissions,’ including the app’s ability to access and find accounts on their device.

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Who Should Use This App?

To conclude this BaseCamp review, let’s define who those that should use the app are. Project managers and startup companies may find it very useful with its functionalities and features that can help them manage their tasks and teams better.

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