ATS recruiting refers to the Applicant Tracking System, an automated system that helps organizations with their recruiting and staffing needs as well as helping organizations builds recruiting a central database, a prospective schedule for employees to be recruited by capturing details of their resume and application letters.

Professional LinkedIn optimization service says that the essence of the ATS is to improve the procedure for recruiting staff right from the moment they are to send in their applications by helping the organization achieve greater efficiency in the quality of candidate as well as helping to ensure that it is most suitable candidates with the right prerequisite that have the chance to attend interviews for the position coupled with the use of LinkedIn SEO or LinkedIn keywords search engine optimization tools.

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How ATS Is Used in Recruiting: LinkedIn Tracking

  • In the first instance, the ATS as a software application works electronically for processing recruitment function of an organization whether large or small. You could choose to use the ATS online as a free or open source software.
  • If you have an idea what a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is or what the CRM application does, the ATS share some similarities with CRM except that while CRM focuses on external customer relationship tracking, ATS focuses on internal needs for staff recruiting and tracking.
  • The overall purpose of an Application Tracking System is to help filter the details of every applicant during a recruitment exercise. Instead of manually having your human resources personnel go through every curriculum vitae that comes in, it can in an automated manner, using pre-stated criteria sieve through the hundreds and thousands of resume that comes in to locate the ones that fit the criteria and leave out the others that don’t fit the match. And this process has also been used sometimes with platforms like LinkedIn tracking, social media feeds or job boards for recruitment exercises.
  • ATS LinkedIn tracking or application systems make it a lot easier to attract the right candidate. With an ATS system, a lot of organizations would normally incorporate the ATS with their Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) with the sole aim of capturing, screening and finally selecting their intended staff.
  • A lot of applicants make all efforts to create and format their resume to meet the organization’s requirement but sometimes fall short because a manager or HR personnel only have some few seconds just like the ‘elevator’s pitch’ to view and decide on whether that CV should be allowed to move to the next level or not. But with an ATS the organization can achieve similar results while the human resource team can focus on the more critical aspect of selecting, interviewing and training the prospective employees. More critical for job seekers than before is the need for their resume to be tailored to increase visibility or for resume optimization to beat the ATS or scale through to the next phase.

ATS and LinkedIn: Recruiting through LinkedIn

  • Even in situations where a company has a specific recruitment need, ATS can provide an easy to use software for capturing candidates data using specific search results. So, companies use ATS as a recruitment resource database, Software as a service (SaaS), and an open source for enterprises.
  • For management to achieve recruiting through LinkedIn and ATS, they usually incorporate ATS and LinkedIn. Due to the synergy between ATS and other social networks, it’s possible to send out job posting from your system to multiple job boards, including LinkedIn with just a click of the button.
  • Once the data keeps rolling into the software front-end, company website or other sources, they also rely on job boards and social networks such as LinkedIn to achieve success with a recruitment exercise. Both ATS and LinkedIn have a unique user interface, LinkedIn recruiting software known as the LinkedIn Recruiter that allows for the integration of their services for the purpose of recruitment and synergizing – data migration across both systems.

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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Make Profile ATS Friendly: LinkedIn Keyword Suggestions

Based on new technologies such as ATS, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), resume optimization has become even more critical to succeed in job seeking or landing your dream job. Online tools and techniques to cause your resume to get picked will help immensely when it has to face ATS and other Artificial Intelligence or HR apps for recruitment purpose. No matter how grandiose your academic qualifications and work experience is without a well-structured and ATS-friendly resume or profile you just might end up with the robots and not make it to the recruitment stage with a human this time around.

To make it through the ‘resume robot’ stage therefore here are some steps to help make your profile ATS friendly:

Have a strong social media presence

Gone are the days when you use your social media account for merely casual and funs activities only displaying pictures of your escapades in a nightclub and promoting an unprofessional attitude. Companies not only use search queries to search employee database but also online databases for relevant keywords to the jobs description and having a less professional social network account might just cost you your dream job. If you really want to maintain a social attitude that’s not official on any social network platform you could opt for a different name or alias to help keep your professional account free of such things.

Keywords search

Every time on search engines such as Google millions of people around the world search for one term, word, phrase or another and those are what is referred to as keywords. When a recruitment process is about to begin, human resource personnel usually itemize the key variables such as skills, qualification, work experience, etc. they look out for in a candidate and screen the others out that do not fall within the category. Not using an appropriate keyword for a resume or LinkedIn profile can mar your chances of landing the best job. You must make use of relevant keywords but the challenge right now is that the trend in keyword usage evolves quite fast and you need to keep abreast with the trend hence the need to rely on LinkedIn keyword suggestions or professional help with LinkedIn profile writing as well as resume writing to scale through the ATS challenge or resume robot.

One way to optimize your LinkedIn page, as well as resume using the more closely related keywords for getting found by recruiters, include a check on a company’s website or where ever the advert for the vacancy might exist to see the job description, requirements, and qualifications.

When you go through a vacancy on the company website, take note of the vital aspects, words or phrases in the job description. You can also study other job boards with similar vacancies to see the central words concerning that position, the role as well as industry and use them to craft your own keywords for writing a summary page on LinkedIn, headline, qualifications and work experience. There might be slight differences for keywords for a Marketing Manager position for a financial institution and a manufacturing plant’s marketing manager.

Headlines and titles

Headlines and titles on your LinkedIn and resume can help make it easy to get noticed even on an ATS when you make use of the right keywords. Ensure to make the job title current and relevant to the company of interest. For instance using such job title as ‘engine room expert’ to mean ‘production manager’ will likely be flagged down by the resume robot, ATS, even if a human resource personnel were to go through such LinkedIn profile they will not likely see the correlation.

Present your relevant skills and experience, ambiguity

Each aspect provides an ample opportunity to scale through ATS or HR personnel by including relevant skills and work experience without the use of fluff or been ambiguous or verbose. For instance, when applying for the job of an ICT Manager in your education section or work experience section on your profile make sure it carries an I.T related discipline for education and a work experience stating, ‘Head I.T’ or ‘Manager I.T’ or ‘Director, Information Technology’, etc. This is not the time to indicate ‘good negotiating skills’ or ‘pro-active person’

In using your skills and experience, try to look for exceptional roles and duties you have been opportune to carry out and explain the steps you have taken to solve problems or achieve great milestones for the company. But in doing that, ensure it contains keywords with relevance to the current job applied for so it can by-pass ATS.

One thing you must do when writing an ATS-friendly profile is to avoid the use of over-used phrases or commonly used words. If you must make use of such phrases try to weave them around certain relevant job focused and industry relevant words or phrases to help make the page optimized.

Optimize your educational qualification

 Securing your dream job takes a lot especially when trying to know how to find your ideal job and what to do. With the right keywords in place displaying your qualifications at college, degree as well as professional qualifications and licenses you can increase your chances of being ATS friendly. Also, remember to include both the qualification in full and the acronym, for instance, a doctorate degree in Mass Communication and Ph.D., Mass Communication; ICAN, ACCA, FIPR, etc. The idea behind using qualification in full and the acronym is so that whichever has more relevance to the ATS either or both methods of presenting the qualification will yield a result.

Is It Worth Using Professional Makeover or Editing Service to Help with LinkedIn Optimization Service

What’s a makeover or editing help by professionals? It involves the process of seeking expert help with improving your profile on LinkedIn and for optimization on ATS. Good news for job seekers as with LinkedIn photo filter software, you can improve the quality of your photos using LinkedIn optimization service for visibility on ATS and other recruitment or job boards.

With LinkedIn photo filter you can do a makeover or editing of your photos to improve it to professional quality. Even in situations where you do not have access to a professional camera or cameramen you can use LinkedIn photo filter features to get a professional job done and increase your chances of scaling through ATS for recruiting. LinkedIn photo filter helps you crop photo to desired size and dimensions, check and reduce or increase the hue, contrast, brightness, saturation and vignette, all in a bid to achieve a more professional photo for optimization.

ATS Passed Profile Writing Service Help for Securing a Job

When faced with choosing between writing it the old-fashioned way, researching regularly on keyword strategies to implement on your LinkedIn profile for ATS and other job search or getting professional help which would you rather pick? ATS passed profile writing service help as a schedule for employees offer you:

  • Look for keyword rich profile writing service: You should lookk for a team of writers that has over a decade experience providing turnkey solutions for business and job seekers to cause their LinkedIn profile to get optimized and can help bring more conversions for your businesses and job search needs. They should have both the educational training and proficiency in web solutions and can help increase your chances with ATS systems even when integrated with LinkedIn. Can assist and improve your page summary, headlines, and titles, skills, qualifications, experiences, etc.
  • Exceptional photos and badges for LinkedIn: Get the exposure you deserve and let’s help you crop and improve on your photo quality using all necessary tools to help your profile get noticed. With expert knowledge of LinkedIn, ATS and other social network platforms expert can deliver high-quality photos and improve on your LinkedIn badges to increase your chances during a job search. App reviews online can help clear the air about the LinkedIn photo filter and its benefits.
  • Seal of quality: Every job offered to the clients goes with the seal of quality and that means you only get an originally written professional LinkedIn profile writing service to pass ATS recruiting software.

Take these tips and find your professional LinkedIn profile writing service to pass ATS recruiting roadblocks!