ATracker app ReviewIf you’re looking for time tracking apps that work with a minimum of fuss and faffing around, this might be the one for you. Consider the opinions within this ATracker review and you’ll easily make the right choice.

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Pros of the ATracker App

  • One of the best things about the ATracker app is the level of customizability. When I want to mix my leisure time with my work schedule app options like the ones here help me keep on track. It’s simple to add an hour of fun into your day to break up the monotony when you’ve got an app to help you keep to your regime.
  • When it comes to planning the various aspects of my work schedule app features like the icons here make things a little less boring. It’s easy to visually separate work-related activities from your personal tasks.
  • Another handy tool is the pie chart that shows you the proportion of time spent doing different things.
  • You can group tasks by categories and Allow user to filter tasks by category on “Today” tab.

Cons of the App

There are a couple of negative aspects to even the best daily tracking app.

  • The main downside to this particular daily tracking app is that the free version only lets you add four tasks at any one time. You might be surprised by how many tasks you actually have going on simultaneously, so most people will have to upgrade to the pro version which will set you back a few dollars.
  • Some users say that the only flaw for them is that the app isn’t backing app and if you have reinstalled the app for some reason or you have a new phone, all your data will vanish.

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Who Should Use the App

This app will be a perfect match if you need to track repetitive daily routine at work, homemaking tasks, baby or child daily activities, hobby projects and generally any activity people want to track and control. Consider the salient points of this ATracker review and you’ll quickly decide which timekeeping app is best for your requirements.

Use this ATracker review to compare and contrast the various apps out there. Download it now and give it a shot.