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The Asana app is said to be one of the best tools for teams who want to get their work done and achieve results from their project. It lets them manage their projects well with the easy to use and understand features and functions of the app. To learn more about it, check out this Asana app review and find out more about it below.

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Asana Project Management Pros

The app lets you manage not only your projects but also your business. With it, you can create customized lists of tasks, reminders and to dos without any hassles from your home screen or by using the widget. It also helps you create projects that will allow you to organize all your tasks. It also lets you add assignees, due dates, details and followers. Best of all, you can also add files into every single task. Another good feature of the app is that it lets you comment on each task from anywhere you are, letting you inform a team member of any changes needed.

The app is your one-stop solution in terms of organizing and viewing all your tasks each time you open it. You can also search across each work when finding specific information. For communication, there are conversation functions to use so that you can answer questions or make an announcement on a specific task. As you see, everything about your work and business can be streamlined using the app.

Asana Cons

Based on some Asana reviews, some users find it hard to use the app in the beginning, as it comes with many functions and features. Also, some of them reveal that they are not so comfortable with some of the permissions, including the app’s ability of finding accounts on their device and learning about their identity.

Who Should Use This App?

People looking to organize and manage their projects and businesses should definitely use the Asana task management app. It is one of the best in the business category. You may want to try it to see for yourself.

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Download and install the Asana app today!