apple music review

With Apple music review, you will be able to know more information about it. Apple music is definitely entertaining, robust and captivating compared to other competitors. It is also overwhelming and you surely satisfied using it. The library of it consists of more than 30 million songs and there are many ways in listening to music.

  • apple music review

Apple Music Player Pros

  • The apple music service has good music curation
  • It can able to mix tunes from the streaming library with other music that you have
  • Can able to use Siri quickly in launching songs
  • Android app: Just like Google Play, it is available in iOS wherein Android users can take advantage of it
  • Music uploads: If you are a musician, Apple will be your best choice. There are many music that you can download
  • Free trial: One more thing that you will love with the app is that you can try it for free because of its free trial version. You will be given with 3 months trials which give you enough time to decide whether you want to get Apple music or not. It will give you the chance to compare it to other services.

Apple Music Cons

  • It is somewhat hard to figure out little things such as saving songs when offline and others
  • It cannot able to follow friends like what Spotify does
  • The Apple music does not include each track in the iTunes. It gives you access to more than 30 million songs, but you will not exactly get the whole catalog. Do not expect that you can stream Beatles
  • The app do not have ad-supported and free option
  • The app is available only on limited devices such as Apple Watch, iOS, PCs, Macs as well as Android devices. It does not cover all the platforms.
  • Sometimes download errors occurs and older songs are getting deleted

Who Should Use the Apple Music Stream?

If you are into music, you can use the apple music stream. It is good for everyone who has Smartphone, iOS, Android phones and others. Try it to see for yourself how it works. You can also try something else, but first read our Spotify review.

Download Apple music player today!