airbnb app review

Hotel apps are perfect for travelers and people who love going to places for a vacation or a getaway. One of the best apps in town for that matter is Airbnb (Airbnb, Inc., last update February 12, 2016), which opens doors to so many interesting places of accommodation and opportunities for people who want to make some money from their space. It offers over two million listings for millions of travelers around the world. With it, people can search for places to stay in over 34,000 cities in the world.

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Airbnb Pros

Airbnb App ProsThe booking app is well loved by users with its thousands of accommodations available in many locations around the world. They also reveal that they can book or reserve a place straight from their mobile device.

Airbnb App ProsA majority of the Airbnb app review reveal that they love the feature of finding accommodation sublets in major cities. They also love exploring legendary vacation homes, properties and apartments as well as the ability of adding these places to their wish list.

Airbnb App ProsFor host users, they reveal in their Airbnb review how they can manage their listing and connect with their guests anywhere they are.

Airbnb Cons

Airbnb App ConsSome users reveal that they’re not comfortable with the permissions on their identities and finding accounts on their devices. They also are not good with the access of the app to their contacts.

Who Should Use Airbnb Mobile?

Traveling is now made easier and faster, in terms of finding accommodations, including apartments, hotels and properties with cool new apps that let users do just that. This mobile application is perfect for people who are always exploring their country and the world. It is also suitable for hosts and property owners who want to make extra income with their extra space. Check out Airbnb today!