Agent Obvious app is offering pitch advice for agents, editors and authors in book publishing. The app is offering hundreds of helpful tips for individuals in publishing. The fact is that Laurie Abkemeier spent 6 years to help people discover the top secrets that will help them when it comes to publishing.

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Some of the features of the app is that it includes over 500 tips that comes from Laurie Abkemeier, it has customized user experience having one touch access on tips that is written for agents, editors and authors. Users can have quick access on the tips in some popular publishing topics such as manuscripts, proposals, rejections, publications, submissions, editing, design, covers, production, author photo and much more. The app also has tips for contract negotiations, which include dramatic rights, foreign rights and electronic rights.

Agent Obvious App Pros

  • Fully searchable database
  • 1 touch option in sharing individual tips on email or Twitter
  • Free to download
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone or iPod

Agent Obvious App Cons

  • Need to be updated

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Who Should Use the App?

This book publishing app should be use by publishers, authors, editors and agents for book publishing. It is helpful for them to have it because it is easy to use and it contains numerous tips that they need to know. Users will have quick access on tips so that they do not need to invest much time searching for the tips they need. Start to use the app to know what tips you need for book publishing. It will help you to the fullest and make sure that you get what you want. The app is easy to use so no need to have great technical skills or experience. It is compatible for some major devices, which include iPhone and iPad.

Download and install the Agent Obvious App today!