360 Security vs Clean Master vs DU Speed Booster

If there is one thing we want more than anything when it comes to our mobile phone, it’s to be more secure. We want to be protected against viruses, malware and all the other vulnerabilities that can make owning a mobile phone really stressful.

360 Security vs Clean Master vs DU Speed Booster


Comparing 360 mobile Security vs Clean Master

There are a lot of antivirus apps on the market that all claim to be able to keep us safe. But because there are so many out there, how do we really know which one is the best? Join us as we take a look at the ultimate battle between the 3 best antivirus apps on the mobile market today: 360 Security vs Clean Master vs DU Speed Booster.

360 security vs clean master

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360 Security

360 Security currently has more than 200 million users around the world, which is a staggering number. It claims to the the “only all in one speed booster and antivirus app that optimises your background apps, memory space, junk files and battery power while keeping your device safe from virus, malware, vulnerabilities, adware and trojans.”

But how to compare 360 Security vs Clean Master?


  • 360 Security is totally free
  • The app is ace freeing up storage and making your phone go faster than ever
  • It comes with a brand new intelligent battery-saving feature that ensures your phone can go for longer even when you’re using high usage apps
  • More protection than last time around


  • Has a tendency to add ads to apps that didn’t have apps in the first place
  • It can close apps automatically to conserve battery – but sometimes the apps reopen again
360 mobile security vs clean master

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Clean Master

The developers behind Clean Master app like to describe their app as “the world’s most trusted Android optimiser.” The app also boosts speeds, saves battery and works as an antivirus software. It has been downloaded to over 600 million phones already and aims to make your private data more secure than ever before.

How Clean Master measures up vs DU Speed Booster and 360 Mobile Security vs Clean Master


  • Helps you to guard your data with AppLock, a feature that can look Facebook, Gallery, SMS Contacts and any other app you can think of.
  • Comes with a battery saver that hibernates running apps when you need to save power.
  • Automatically scans for and deletes cache and residual files so that you get more storage and a faster phone.
  • Boosts your phone’s memory
  • Supports numerous languages, including Slovak, Arabic, English, German and Hebrew


  • Clean Master has been around for some time now and is a little bit dated and almost totally unnecessary without new improvements
  • Has a tendency to actually increase battery usage by restarting apps that it’s supposed to have killed
du booster vs clean master

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DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is basically an everything booster: It boosts the speed of your phone, as well as your ram, your games and your memory. It can cleans up your junk files, optimises battery and cleans out your trash.

Currently, 230 million Androids users have downloaded this app. In terms of number of downloads, DU Speed Booster vs Clean Master is miles behind. But how does DU Booster performs vs Clean Master and 360 Security in terms of what it offers users? Let’s take a look:


  • Destroys redundant processes
  • Scans for junk and automatically removes it
  • Easily solves the CPU overheating issue
  • Optimises battery life
  • Frees up space by clearing out your trash
  • Improves your games speeds by up to 30 percent


  • Doesn’t make a noticeable increase to your battery’s life
  • Doesn’t make a significant enough different to your phone’s responsiveness
  • Has a tendency to sometimes make your phone slower

All in all in the 360 Security vs Clean Master vs DU Speed Booster argument, each app has its fair share of pros and cons. Clean Master wins in terms of settings, while DU Booster has a cooler user interface. All three apps work, and whichever you download really will come down to what you think is going to work best for you and your phone.