Long gone are the days when you had to go out to the store and hope they still had a copy of the latest album. We don’t even have to rely on the radio for our next musical fix anymore either. Now the simplest and quickest way to get instant access to this week’s greatest hits is to look online.

This used to be a tricky business as lots of ways of streaming, sharing and downloading music were illegal at worst and immoral at best. The music business has become increasingly aware of the potential of mobile apps and you can add some music to your day with all kinds of cool apps. Read on to find out more about the top free music apps.

Find a New Favorite Song With Free Music Mobile Apps

  • Have you ever been listening to a song by chance and found yourself unable to place it? Try Shazam, a clever app that lets you find any piece of music for mobile download. It listens for a few seconds and gives you the lyrics and ways to buy a copy.
  • If you’re sick of listening to the same old songs, but still want something a little familiar, then the Pandora app is for you. All you do is enter an artist’s name and it’ll come up with a playlist that’s sure to contains few undiscovered gems for you to enjoy.
  • Spotify is a well-known service that offers a rather similar thing, except you can also customize your personal playlist according to your preferred genre, current mood and more.
  • Use Poweramp to gain access to a stereo-style graphical equalizer that’ll let your bass line pop in more than 10 different file types. You can play pretty much anything, including AIFF files more common to iOS than Android.

Go Live for the Best Music

There’s nowhere better than a festival if you want to maximize your exposure to the widest range of live acts. Check out Skiddle for notifications about tickets for even the most obscure events. Make sure you keep on top of your favorite band’s latest plans with Bandsintown. You can track any number of artists in calendar format to make sure you get to all the concerts and gigs in town.

list of top free music apps

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Remember the Radio?

  • If you’re looking for free music for mobile, then you should take a leaf out of a very old-fashioned book. Use TuneIn Radio for access to thousands of radio stations broadcasting from all over the world.
  • If you’re rather specific about your audio requirements and want an aural experience second to none, then check out Tidal for the latest in offline access to millions of top quality tracks.
  • Add all the benefits of live radio to the latest in broadcasting innovation with iHeartRadio which gives you access to talk shows, stand up comedy and plenty of podcasts.
  • If podcasts are your thing and you’re even a publisher yourself, then Podbean is for you. It puts together all the best features you need for seamless playback of all the latest podcasts.

Make Your Own Music

  • Soundcloud is an absolute gem if you’re a budding recording artist or you know someone who is and you want to get the word out. You can post your own audio files and search for new musicians to follow on their way to the top.
  • If you’re a musician on the move and find yourself with a beat stuck in your head, it’s imperative that you get that beat written down and memorized. You never know what might end up being the next number one hit. Use Samsung Soundcamp to compose tunes to be proud of, all while on the go.
  • If beats are your thing, check out Drum Pads 24. It comes ready with well over 1,000 sounds to use as you jam with your friends.
  • Perhaps it’s a little ethically dodgy when abused by popular recording artists, but Jango Radio is perfect for musicians who are new to the scene and don’t mind paying for airtime. It’s a great opportunity for exposure and helps to keep the whole service completely free of charge.
  • If you find stuck trying to edit your latest mix while on the move, you need a reliable app like MP3 Cutter for Android. You can cut and merge files to create the perfect record, and you can even make yourself a custom ringtone directly from the MP3 file itself.

Play to Your Own Tune

  • If you have no discernible musical talent, or even if you do, you’re sure to enjoy a piano rhythm game like Magic Piano. Get in time with the music and master the classics.
  • Go one step ahead of a simple rhythm game and actually learning to play the piano using Synthesia, a mobile app which uses falling notes to get you in tune with the music. You can practice with each hand separately and together, helping you master the basics in no time at all.
  • Another great option for newbies is Piano Play & Learn with its free collection of classical masterpieces, kids songs and the latest hits.
  • It’s important to keep your musical instrument in perfect tune at all times, and this never truer than when playing a stringed instrument like the ukulele. Keep in tune with the music when you use a Pocket Ukulele Tuner.
  • It’s far more likely that you play the guitar, and fortunately there’s something for you too. Use the Pro Guitar Tuner app to maintain perfect pitch always.
  • If you like to keep things official, you could use the BOSS Tuner from the Roland Corporation. The choice is yours, after all.

Free music mobile apps often get a bad rap and are blamed for being packed full of intrusive, irritating ads. Fortunately, that’s not always the case. Far from it, in fact. This list contains some absolutely cracking apps out there that’ll help you get all the latest hits as well as all the classics without breaking the bank or driving you mad.

There’s bound to be at least one of these top free music apps that has piqued your interest. Check out your favorite and add some music to your day.