1weather review

1Weather is dubbed as the most accurate weather app in the world with its compact and powerful features and functions. It is used by thousands upon thousands of people who want to keep updated with the weather conditions in their place and in other locations. It offers s clean and modern design that makes it easy to use. It is developed by OneLouder Apps, which is one of the best developers in the world. Check out this review and learn more about this weather application.

  • 1weather review

1Weather Pros

1weather App ProsIn a majority of users posting a 1Weather review, they reveal appreciation of this app that is very easy to use and navigate. It provides them essential weather information at a glance and with only a tap away.

1weather App ProsBeing of of the cool iPhone apps 2016, it lets users track and monitor weather conditions and forecasts for real time updates wherever they go and give them accurate information all the time.

1weather App ProsIt allows users to check precipitation forecasts and temperatures and it gets everyone covered with the current phases of the moon and the sun. Users can also access maps and graphs as well as weather videos.

1weather App ProsThe app also gives information about visibility, wind direction, UV index, humidity and barometric pressure, among others.

1Weather Cons

1weather App ConsUsers with old iOS versions will not be able to download this app because it requires iOS 8.0 or later. It is also not available for android users, but only for iPod, iPad and iPhone users.

Who Should Use 1Weather?

The 1Weather app is best for people who want to stay on track of the weather, wind, sun and moon phases, temperature, barometric pressure and other weather data. It also suits professionals who are always on the go for work because it lets them keep track of current weather conditions in the place where they are heading for the day or the week.