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The 10,000ft app is for the people who want to get things done in a streamlined process without any hassles. If you’re looking to find more information about it as you are comparing several apps that has the same functions, check out this 10000ft review.

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Project Planning Software Pros

If you belong in the team of creative people who want to get your work done in real time from just about anywhere and anytime, then you may want to look into the mobile app that will let you do just that. The app is quite simple and straightforward to use so you don’t need any technical skill to master it. In fact, you can even improve the manner that you allocate your resources and plan your projects in the simplest manner possible with the intuitive app that lets you live a more productive life. It features an interactive schedule, allowing you to see the person or people working on a specific task. With the tool, you can also find people who are available so that you can assign them a task easier and faster.

Also, the project planning software lets you address any issues before they could become a problem. It also has an intuitive interface, making resource planning enjoyable and easy at the same time. A part of its smart features, the app also lets you arrange and manage projects in your dashboard.

10000 Feet Project Management Cons

The app may be more expensive than its alternatives in the same category. Nevertheless, it comes with a full suite of features that you and your team will love.

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Who Should Use This App?

Every project manager and startup business owner should use this app. It is one of the most intuitive and complete around, so you may not need any other tools to use aside from it when it comes to productivity and project management.

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