Whatever your travel goals, you can use an app to make the most of your holiday experience. The latest mobile travel apps will help you accomplish whatever you need, whether you need reservations for the most authentic and delicious restaurant in town or whether you want to find the most beautiful and untouched beach. You only get out of your vacation what you put in, so let these apps do all the legwork and guarantee yourself that you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The Most Useful Apps for Tourists

Your exact requirements will depend on all kinds of factors, and this list of top apps for tourists has been put together with all kinds of travelers in mind.

Whether you’re a wine lover or a history buff, you can use a travel mobile application to find the hottest local watering holes and the most ancient and beautiful artifacts alike.

  • It would be impossible not to mention TripAdvisor before any other app. It is so pervasive that you can find stickers and plaques in restaurants all over the world, boasting of the local establishment’s high rating. Most reviewers are honest to the point of being harsh, but this means you’re sure to get a good meal.
  • Explore new culinary horizons with FourSquare where you’ll get the hottest tips from regular customers at the best restaurants and eateries within walking distance, all displayed on a handy map. If you frequent a venue often enough, you’ll even get some pretty useful discounts on the tastiest menu items.
  • If you’ve booked yourself a few flights in quick succession it can be hard to keep track of when and where you’re going. Keep on top of all your plans with TripIt, an app which compiles all your booking confirmation emails into one easy-to-use interface. You’ll catch every flight and check in on time at your hotel with no trouble at all.
  • If you’re someone who finds packing your suitcase a real hassle, you could do with the help of PackPoint. It helps you put together a comprehensive list of every item you might possibly need depending on where you’re traveling and why you’re going there. It even considers the local weather forecast and other bits and pieces to make sure you’re raring to go on arrival.
  • One of the most bewildering things about foreign vacations is the local currency. It’s hard to know how much you’ll need before you go, but you can always make sure you get the best exchange rate when you refer to the XE Currency app which gives you live rates and can even go back up to 10 years if you’re interested.
  • If you’re at a local restaurant, you probably want to give a good tip to your waiter if they deserve it. Unless you’re in a country that simply doesn’t do tips, then make sure you give the right amount. You can use Tipulator to help you split the bill and add the proper percentage to the total.
  • Make sure you play it safe in foreign lands where English isn’t the go-to language. Download TravelSafe and you’ll have in your hands a truly indispensable database of emergency numbers and even embassy details in case you really get in trouble. This app takes travel safety seriously and so should we all.

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Don’t Drain Your Data Plan

When you’ve reached your destination point, troubles might only start and the handy traveling apps can become your saving straw. If you plan on using your phone or tablet for anything data-related while out of your home country, you really have to keep a close eye on your data usage. Fees and charges can be astronomical so make sure you know exactly how many megabytes you’ve used with Onavo Extend. This clever app helps you to reduce the amount of data you’re using and keep track of how much you’ve got left. It even tells you how much you’ve saved for each app it takes care of. Of course, an even better way to save on data while abroad is simply not to use it. Instead, get hold of the Wi-Fi Finder app and hunt down the nearest hotspot with the best internet connection. You don’t have to rely on the nearest mega-chain coffee shop for dodgy internet speeds either.

Find the saving application on mobile that’ll help you keep your budget high!

Who said you had to remain out of the loop while away on vacation? Make sure you don’t waste a single second getting lost in the nooks and crannies of an unfamiliar city. When you use Here WeGo, you can keep your data usage down and maximize your time usage as well. This app comes with well over 1,000 city maps which can be downloaded for offline use. You can even try the indoor map function to get around the local shopping mall in record time.

Using a travel mobile application makes everything so easy. Whether you want to reserve a top spot in the most authentic, local restaurant or you need advance tickets to the most anticipated museum exhibition in town, mobile travel apps are the way to go.

This is your time to relax and recharge your batteries, so why not make the most of it. Get all the top mobile travel apps and make your vacation one to remember.