Apple scandals have caught the attention of millions of people around the world over the years. Some have been legitimate Apple manufacturing problems, while others were blown way out of proportion. However, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two considering the huge amount of discussion every Apple product and PR statement generates. Interesting if release of new iPhone 7 will provoke new scandals online.

Apple Scandals: True and False

This unbiased report reveals which scandals are founded in truth, and which were brewed up by the legion of Apple watchers and the press eager for fresh blood about the company. You can use it to help you decide which Apple product to buy now, as some scandals have left lingering credibility issues. It is also useful to familiarize yourself with these scandals so you can better determine the veracity of future scandals.

Apple Scandals: A History

Antennagate. One of the biggest iPhone scandals. The iPhone 4 was the first to feature the antenna on the outside, and some people reported that holding the phone with a finger across it caused the reception to fail. Apple initially advised customers to simply hold the phone differently, which was definitely a poor PR move. However, the 4 sold well and the number of complaints were limited. Apple added a second antennae for the 4S which seemed to solve the problem.

iphone antenna

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Cracked Products. Users first complained a lot about cracked iPod Nanos. Apple maintained it was not an Apple factory or design issue, and the less that less than 1/10th of 1 percent of iPod Nanos were especially susceptible to cracking.

Cracked iPod Nano

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MobileMe. This was a subscription based collection of Apple software and services. It has been reported that Steve Jobs was so dissatisfied with MobileMe that he called a meeting just to fire the person in charge of the service. It since turned into iCloud, which is generally regarded as a quality service.

MobileMe Apple Scandal

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U2. At the end of the Apple Watch launch, CEO Tim Cook announced that everyone with an iTunes account was going to get a U2 album for free! The problem was, many people don’t particularly care for U2, and resented that Apple forced it on to their iTunes. They quickly released a tool to release the album, and most people forgot about the whole thing.

u2 and apple

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Apple Maps. Nearly everyone agrees that Google Maps has always been superior to Apple Maps, which is why Apple’s removal of Google Maps from the iPhone made a lot of people angry, and rightfully so. Eventually Google made a version of Maps you can install yourself, and it is better than the version originally on the iPhone, so perhaps things have turned out for the best.

Apple Maps

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Scratched Phones. The iPhone 5 sported a new, thinner case than previous models which some people said was very easy to scratch. Scratches were especially noticeable around the headphone jack. Apple fixed the problem for the iPhone 5S.

Scratched iPhone

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Discolored Photos. Another issue with the iPhone 5 is that some people complained it took photos with a purple flare around the edges, although it was an extremely small minority of users. Apple then explained that many small cameras have this problem when taking a picture with a strong out of scene light source, including every generation of iPhone. Moving the camera to change the angle that light enters the lens should fix the problem.

Discolored Photos

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Bendy iPhones. Just after the iPhone 6 Plus went on sale, one user said his phone bent just from being in his pocket. A controversy quickly brewed calling into question the structural integrity of the 6 Plus. This notion still lingers, even after Consumer Reports definitively debunked it with a stress test that found the 6 Plus can withstand 90 pounds of force. This is better than the HTC One, which could only withstand 70 pounds.

iPhone 6 Plus

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Slow Software. On the iPhone 3G ran so slowly with the iOS 4.0 software update that people thought their phone had broke. The 4.1 update fixed the situation, and since then Apple has been careful to make sure software updates work with older models.

slow 3G on iOS 4.0

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Yellow Screens. The iPhone 4S may have fixed “antennagate” but it had its own problem: some people reported their screen had a slightly yellow hue. Judge for yourself:

Yellow Screen on iPhone

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