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Because it’s such a lucrative business, there are just so many streaming music apps on the market in 2016. In one sense, this is a good thing – after all, choice is a good thing, right guys? – but in another sense it’s a bad thing because it’s really hard to find a music streaming app that works for you. And because most of these apps ask for payment, making the choice becomes even harder.

There are many factors that come into play when deciding which music apps are for you, such as on-demand streaming, radio streaming, and so on. And while we’re not here to make the decision for you, we are here to help you make a better decision. Let’s take a look at the 10 best music streaming apps around.

best music streaming appsPandora is essentially a radio streaming service that is home to a wide selection of hits, both new and old.

All you need to do is type in your favourite artist, press play and the song or album will load up.

You can also randomise a playlist so that Pandora throws different tunes at you. If you dislike a song, you can give it the thumbs down and Pandora will never play it again.

The only really downside is that there are a few repeats, BUT its one of the best best free music apps on the market.

best music streaming appsIts interface is beautiful, and the music is on-demand.

What’s more, music curation is awesome.

Another advantage here is a free trial.

So if you are not sure, you need it or not, you can check all the features before you decide to actually buy it.

music streaming appsSpotify is arguably one of the best music streaming apps of all time. It’s certainly the most popular, and offers exclusive content as well as awesome reliability and a free service.

It is home to over 30 million songs and more artists than any other service. You can listen offline, and while its interface certainly isn’t the prettiest of them all, it’s easy enough to get to grips with.

You can use a free version with ads or spend $9.99 each month on an ads-free premium service.

  • Songza

music streaming appsIf you’ve got a party coming up and want to blast out the hits from every decade, Songza is an ideal streaming music app that always gets people moving and shaking.

Songza is fun, easy to use, and home to a wide selection of songs and artists. You can sort your playlist according to genre if you like, while the concierge service is second to none. It’s totally free to download and comes with no listening limits.

An awesome party playlist is just a few taps away.

music streaming appsSoundCloud is one of the best free music apps if you’re trying to find undiscovered and unsigned artists who could be the next big thing.

There is a HUGE community of musicians and artists here, and every single niche is catered to, from hard techno to death metal. You will find signed and unsigned bands and singers, as well as remixes, podcasts, bootlegs and live sessions. It’s basically an entire music community in one app, and the amount of music on here is limitless.

best free music appsSlacker might sound like a nineties grunge movie about a mall rat, but it’s a fantastic music app if you’re into your comedy, sports and indie bands.

Slacker certainly has no where near as much music as Spotify, but it does have a great selection of radio stations, including the best sports stations (ESPN) and comedy.

And although it was rather hard to get to grips with in the past, any rustiness has been smoothed over and the interface is a lot more user friendly. You can get an ad-free service for just $3.99 per month.

  • iTunes Radio

best free music appsiTunes Radio is one of those fantastic music streaming apps that does radio for free. It comes with your iPhone (you’ll find it in the music app), and lets you customise it until your heart is content.

You can create your own radio stations, curate your own content, and mix artists.

If you pay a bit of money to subscribe to iTunes Match, you’ll also get zero ads.

  • Beats Music

best free music appsSpotify might win on numbers and popularity, but Beats Music is one of the best music streaming apps when it comes to compiling playlists.

There are new playlists added all the time, while the old ones are consistently updated. There is something for everyone here, although you can’t get a free version. Instead, everyone is asked to pay either $10 per month or $100 a year.

Features include offline playback.

streaming music appsIf you have Amazon Prime, you can get Amazon Music totally for free. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay.

Regardless, Amazon Music is one of the greatest music streaming apps available because you get access to all of Amazon’s music – which is a lot!

Moreover, every song you’ve ever bought from Amazon is instantly available to you. You can listen offline, and while there are still not as many songs and artists as Spotify, it’s user interface is more appealing.

streaming music appsWhat sets TuneIn Radio Pro apart from all the other apps is that it lets you record live radio so that you can listen to it back at any time.

For radio buffs, this is a seriously cool concept. It literally means you can record anything and listen at a time that suits you.

So, you can record sports games, news stories, talk shows – and songs. You can also access online stations too, such as foreign radio shows. It costs $9.99.

Download only the best music streaming apps!