list of the best messaging apps

Messaging apps seem to be the trend of the 21st century. As the smart device market is changing and becoming more volatile and competitive, messaging apps manufacturers are becoming more aggressive in offering better apps compared to other messaging products.

The modern messaging apps enable you to do a video, voice, and text chat from your smart device. With these apps, chatting on fixed desktops is a thing of the past now. Furthermore, messaging apps have replaced customary text messaging on smart devices as well. These apps are available for Windows, Blackberry, Symbian operating system, Android, and iPhone.

Unfortunately, with hundreds of apps on the market today, it’s hard to choose only the best messaging apps. With that said, we want to give you the top 10 messaging apps that you should try today.

Android Messages

top best texting appsThis is a free messaging app by Google. When it comes to features, the app keeps it simple. It offers some light theming alternatives, backup features, some organization, as well as a decent search function. In addition, the design is solely material design; meaning it looks amazing and it is easy to use.  Of course, there are some problems here and there. For example, the Android messaging apps are a little slow. However, this is one of the best free texting apps you will get on the market today.


best android messaging appsThe highly popular WatsApp is a smartphone texting app designed for mobile phone users to send and receive messages, and even make calls over the web without incurring any costs from your cellular carrier. The app provides simple and group chats, free calls and end-to-end encryption for your peace of mind. You can even send photos and video instantly, sends PDF documents, slideshows, and spreadsheets within the app. It is a cross-platform app which is available for Windows phones, iOS, Android, and for Mac and Windows computers. The only negative thing about this app is that you will need a verifiable mobile number to register. You can take a look at our WhatsApp review to learn more about the app.


most popular messaging apps onlineThis app differs from other mobile messaging apps in that it’s designed to send multimedia messages with a unique feature – they disappear. You heard it right, messages sent through this app self-destruct after all recipients have viewed them. This is both a con and a controversy of this app. Snaps may consist of a short video or photo and may include drawings, filters, and effects. In addition, an optional feature, known as ‘Memories’, allows your snaps to be saved in a secure storage location. This is one of the best texting apps on the internet today. You can even generate your customized cartoon avatars to make it easier for receivers to identify them. Snapchat is available for Android and iOS devices.

Facebook Messenger

best text messaging apps for android of 2017Facebook has an amazing messaging app that makes it easier to chat with family and friends. It automatically populates your contacts, but you may also add them, or even allow your pal to add you as a contact, through scanning a unique code. Facebook app also offers you lots of free stickers and you may send GIFs. Its voice and video calling is quite reliable and is clear. This app is considered as one of the best text messaging apps for android because its ‘Chat Heads’ feature enables you to keep your conversion icon floating on top of the screen when on Android – pretty amazing. Although Facebook Messenger is available for iOS and Android, its secure source isn’t provided so there is no way to check for installed backdoors or vulnerabilities.


top messaging apps for iphoneViber is a very popular app that instantly adds your contacts. It enables for text messaging and sending emotions as well as stickers, making voice and video calls, and of course sharing photos. What makes Viber be among the best messaging apps is its color-coded encrypted texting. It also features a Viber Out feature that enables you to make domestic and international calls at low rates. Although Viber to Viber calls are free, you will have to pay when calling other apps.

Silent Phone

top 10 messaging apps for phoneIf you need an encrypted messaging, video, and voice app, then you need to try the Silent Phone. Texts and calls between this app are encrypted end-to-end on smart devices, including Blackphone, iOS, and Android. Furthermore, the app supports multi-party voice conferencing for less than 6 participants, voice memos, and one-to-one video chat. Just like Snapchat, Silent Phone features a built-in ‘Burn” feature which deletes your texts after a while.

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best apps for messaging and textingThis is one of the most popular messaging apps due to its cross-platform instant texting ability. Line and Viber extended their instant messaging from phones to PC. Nimbuzz works on PC, Tablet, and smartphones. In fact, this app supports BlackBerry OS, Android, Windows OS, iOS, Symbian, and Java ME. Sadly, this app doesn’t have a video calling feature.


HeyTell appThis is a push-to-talk app that enables instant voice messaging. It features a ‘Hold and Talk” button that you should press to speak your message to your friend. A push notification alerts notify your recipient when your message is sent. Furthermore, you don’t need to sign up or even create an account to enjoy this app across all phone platforms. Additionally, the app is free; however, there are in-app premium costs for additional features such as voice changer and ringtones.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts appWith a Google account, you may use this app to message, video call, or phone your family and friends. Send one-one-one texts or start groups messaging for about 100 individuals. You can even add maps, stickers, GIFs, and photos to your messages or even turn your message into a video or voice call. As one of the best apps for messaging, you can even invite up to 10 individuals to a group call. Google Hangout is available for iOS and Android devices as well as across the web. The app has a drawback in that there is a limit to the number of people you can invite for a group video calling.

Line Mobile Messaging

Line Mobile Messaging appFinally, we will look at one of the best messaging apps for iPhone, Line Mobile Messaging. This is a mobile messaging as well as voice calling app with gaming and social networking features that incorporate a social entertainment feature to your messaging. The app features a collection of charming and quirky cartoon stickers and characters that are designed to make communication more exciting. The app provides free communication features, but you need to buy other premium games, themes, and stickers.

Whether you want to chat with your family or you want to call them, these best messaging apps got your back. Make the most of their amazing features and enjoy smooth communication with your loved one.