Best iPhone Apps 2016

Why choose the best apps for iPhone 2021

Apps are the best thing about the iPhone. Apps enhance our lives, giving us useful information when we need it, or entertaining us when we feel bored. They come in the form of games, puzzles, channels, weather reports, and so much more. And because so many of us are downloading apps, it’s now a multi-billion dollar industry. But it’s also really difficult to find which ones are the best iPhone apps for October 2021 especially in the upcoming possibility of the iPhone 7 features introduction. The choice seems to be endless, and there is never just one app for this or that – there are several that seemingly able to do the same thing. So how do we choose the best one?!

A list of best iPhone apps October 2021

We decided to compile a list of our favorite and the best apps for iPhone 2021, from, funky creative tools and task managers to weather apps that are actually exciting. Let’s take a look!

best iphone apps 2016SignEasy describes itself as “the simplest and fastest way to sign and fill documents securely from your phone, table and desktop. When we first read this blurb, we were pretty darn excited. If you’re anything like us, you’ll have had situations in the past where you’ve been sent yet another online document that you need to sign. You remember the difficult you had signing the last one and let out a big sigh. SignEasy makes signing online documents incredibly easy. There is no more need for printing, scanning or faxing! It comes with a 7-day free trial and you can then decide whether you want to continue using it or not.

best iphone apps 2016Feeln is one of the best iPhone apps October 2021 – but it’s also one of the best iPhone apps of all time. The guys behind this app realised that everyone loves to watch movies. They also realized that everyone wants to be able stream and watch movies online for cheap. But they also realized that families who just want clean entertainment weren’t really being targeted by existing video streaming services, such as Netflix. Feeln is basically a video streaming service that just has family friendly movies only in its arsenal. You can watch Hallmark Hall of Fame films for just $1.99 per month. New movies are always being added to the library, and current films include Chocolat, The Makeover and Starting Over.

best iphone apps 2016Restaurant booking apps are pretty hot right now, but Open Table is without a doubt one of the best free Apple apps for 2021. It allows you to book and manage your restaurants for free and really easily, and you can also explore and discover brand new restaurants at the click of a button. You can view menus, read reviews, check out photo galleries and even earn reward points that lowers the price of your next meal.

best apps for iphone 2016Fed up of missing your bus? We all are, which is why Transit is one of the cool iPhone apps that is new for October 2021. Download Transit and you’ll never need to miss a bus ever again. You’ll never be stuck waiting for a bus forever either, as with this app you can easily find out all your local departure times, as well as how close your next bus is. You can set reminders and even get notified about traffic delays. Brill.

best apps for iphone 2016If you are looking for a single-family home or a brand new apartment to rent, Zillow Rentals might be your new best friend for 2021. With Zillow Rentals, you can quickly check for bang up to date rental listings in your area that exactly match your search criteria. You can chat to landlords, receive notifications for when new property becomes available, and the search feature is right on the money. You can search for property by city, ZIP code or address, as well as filter out listings that don’t match your budget.

free apple apps 2016We had to include an entertaining app on here somewhere, and Cheeky Fingers is definitely one of the best apps for the iPhone in 2021. This playful app is basically a piano chord dictionary that can be used by both beginner and advanced player. It’s beautifully designed and comes with a simple interface that lets you get straight to work on bashing out the chords. Cheeky Fingers is packed with hundred of chords, accurate musical notation, and allows you to add your own progressions. Mozart, eat your heart out …

free apple apps 2016Got a numbers problem that you just can’t seem to sort out on your calculator without giving yourself a headache? Soulver, one of this years’ coolest iPhone apps, is the answer to all your numerical issues. Whether you need to work out how much you’ll be earning at your next freelance gig, or whether you’re trying to work out how much you’ll be paying in tax this year, Soulver solves all your problems with ease. As soon as you start writing out your problem, Soulver begins to return answers. You don’t need to start over if you make a mistake like on a traditional calculator – you simply need to edit an expression just like you would in MS Word. It’s a fantastic way to sort out quick percentages on the move.

free apple apps 2016Weather apps: There seems to be millions of them, but most of them are as dull as a cloudy day in Wisconsin. Not 1Weather, which is actually a fab free Apple app for October 2021. 1Weather looks so fantastic that it can even make you get excited about rain! It comes with slick animations, an intuitive user interface, and lots and lots of cool features. And it’s totally free!!

cool iphone appsEveryone has a to-do list they need to make. Your grandparents used to write stuff down on the backs of their hands, while your parents used pen and paper. Both methods, while admirable, were time-consuming, inconvenient and just not good enough. But you, however, can use Wunderlist, one of the best iPhone apps in 2021 that allows you to easily create to-do lists – and actually get them done. From now on, you’ll never forget what you need to buy from the store or what needs to be done on a project. Wunderlist helps you manage your tasks and makes sure you stay on top of them.

cool iphone appsDid you know that there is so much exclusive content you can scan with this app? Craft quality jpg or pdf files with its help. Enjoy fast and versatile scanning in just a few clicks whatever the circumstances are. Furthermore, you can now easily detect the text and convert PDF to editable text just with your camera and this fantastic app 2021.