top book reading appsIf you have a habit of reading books but you don’t like taking them with you while on the go, book reading apps are your perfect companion. These apps enable you to download and read hundreds of electronic child books, textbooks, comics, magazines, and eBooks. Also, they allow you to manage and sync your last read notes or page across multiple platforms and devices.

But to do this, you need the best reading app. Here are the top 10 best reading apps.

Amazon Kindle

best reading apps for phoneAmazon Kindle provides a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, and books, making it one of the best eBook reader apps for tablets and smartphones. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to own a Kindle gadget to enjoy material via the Kindle app because it is available for iOS and Android devices too. Kindle is powered by Amazon technology that enables you to sync your previous read page, notes, and bookmarks across all devices. In addition, it features a built-in dictionary that makes it simpler to look up hard or new terms while reading. It also offers access to Wikipedia and Google search, features that improve your reading experience. Sadly, Amazon Kindle app’s E-link tech limits its display to white and black only.

Google PlayBooks

best book apps for phoneGoogle PlayBook App is another famous Android book reader which is the default for Android smartphones. As the name suggests, this app has been designed by Google and it enables you to customize different reading looks. For instance, you can change the color and size of the font. If you aren’t able to understand a word, don’t worry. Google PlayBook allows you to easily look it up in the inbuilt dictionary. The other thing about this app is that you can easily download it for free or even make a quick purchase. It is suitable for both Android and iOS. The main downside of this app is that you need to buy it to enjoy advanced features.

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Cool Reader

free android book readerThis is an eBook reader app that supports thousands of eBook formats such as the most famous epub format. The reader has an inbuilt file browser, dictionaries, fonts support, and text to speech support. You can search the content, bookmark pages, customize the settings such as using volume keys to navigate, set day and night mode, and even enjoy online catalog support. The reader is free on Google Play. The app has a disadvantage in that it doesn’t read PDF.


best iphone book reader freeThis is a highly customizable app for all kinds of devices. It is suitable for devices that run on Windows, Mac OS X, BlackBerry 10, Linux, Android, and other platforms. In addition, you can even choose colors, size, font face, bookmarks, animations, etc. to suit all your reading style. This app organizes your books by titles and authors offering you a simple view. Additionally, it supports direct reading from zip files, different eBook formats, and over 29 languages. The app comes incorporated with 8 online catalogs that offer access to a wide range of eBooks. Although one of the best reading apps today, it doesn’t support lots of reading formats.


NOOK appBarnes and Noble provide its own eBook app, NOOK, which features over 2 million books, newspapers, kid’s books, and magazines. This app offers different features that make your reading comfortable and easy. It also provides a sync feature that auto syncs the previous page read across gadgets, rendering an effortless reading experience. As one of the best book reading apps on the market today, you can adjust the reading brightness and it’s available on Windows, iTunes, and Android.  The major con of this app is the gray bezel which is a little distracting.


KOBO appKOBO app enables you to connect with your friends and get the best reading recommendations and suggestions. It comes with its unique online platform where you can gain access to thousands of books, both paid and free. Another great thing about this app is the wide range of files that it supports such as PDF, CBR, CBZ, and epub. Furthermore, this app enables your friends to comment on your reading trend and is available for Android and iOS. Despite all these features, the app doesn’t support the read-me-later feature.

Mantano Reader Lite

Mantano Reader Lite appThis app has an amazing feel and look. It features a light and easy to use user interface. It also features a few minus that appears on the left side and the eBooks are presented on the other side. Finding a book on this product is quite easy due to its amazing features. Another notable feature of this app is the status bar at the base which enables you to manage your material. Just like other best book apps on the market today, this app enables you to sync your reading. The major con of this product is that it has lower advanced features for its free version.

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OODLES EBOOK Reader appOODLES reader provides over 50,000 eBooks for you to read. These materials are arranged in various categories which make it simpler to access according to your preference. In addition, the app enables you to customize your material and play with the text color, spacing, and margins. The product also features a paperback like-feature that gives you a feel of reading a customary book. You can even read your book in 2 column view. Sadly, you will need to spend a few dollars to access all its features.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader appThis app has been on the market for a very long time and it is an amazing middle-of-the-road alternative for an app that works. Its feature supports Adobe DMR encrypted eBook, PDF, and EPUB as well as books from public libs. Furthermore, it has a great interface that is easy to use and some great features such as global text search and some organizing features. The major con of this app is that its free version is just for testing.


AlReader appAlReader is the best iPhone book reader that you will get. It boasts of thousands of functionality and it supports Android 1.6 which comes in handy if you are trying to change your old phone into an eReader one. In addition, it supports various eBook formats such as PRC, RTF, MOBI, EPUB, and others. It also features lots of reading features such as alignment, page turning animations, scrolling, various color profiles, and viewing modes. Although not provided for free, it is worth a try.

Those are some of the best reading apps you will get on the market today. They will make your reading life more comfortable as you continue to search for knowledge. Ensure that you download one or two of them and start reading online, regardless of your location.

Choose only the best book reading apps for an immersive reading experience!