Best Android Apps 2016

Why choose best apps for Android October 2021

The Android is already an incredible seven years-old, yet remains one of the most popular mobile phones in the world. Perhaps one of the reasons for its continued mega-success is the amount of cool apps that are released for the Android each year. Apps are one of the best things about owning a mobile phone in 2021. Apps can be informative, entertaining, and they can help to pass the time. And they are always exciting, interesting, innovative and 100% fun. If you’re a little bit excited for the new year in apps, let’s take a look at the best Android apps for October 2021!

A list of best Android apps 2021

cool apps for androidAvast Mobile Security is not what you’d call a fun app by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s certainly one of the most useful Android apps that we’ve ever come across. It essentially scans for infected files and secures your device against them. It looks out for malware, spyware, unwanted privacy fishing and dangerous viruses. The best thing is that this awesome app is a totally free Android app for October 2021. It’s a quality piece of software that doesn’t slow your phone down, and it offers fantastic protection.

useful android appsIs your phone slowing down because you’ve just got too much stuff on it? Perhaps you went on a downloading mission and now you can’t get your phone back up to speed. Clean Master is here to offer a solution. Clean Master is another really useful Android app that describes itself as “the world’s most trusted Android optimizer.” What Clean Master optimizes is speed, battery duration, and it also acts as a 100% free anti-virus app. In a nutshell, it accelerates your phone and cleans it up so that your Android is always performing at optimal level.

useful android appsVine has been around for quite a well now, but it’s still one of the best Android apps for 2021. It’s a video entertainment network that collected together some of the world’s most shareable content, including funny stuff, serious stuff, and really informative stuff. You can choose from a variety of channels, such as Comedy, Dance or Sports, and discover trends and viral videos before they get big.

free android apps 2016So, WhatsApp is a pretty big deal. 2 years ago it was bought by Facebook for an incredible $19 billion made its young founders billionaires overnight. You might be wondering how in the heck anybody came up with figures like this when you can download it for free. Yup, that’s right; one of the top Android apps for October 2021 is totally free to download! But what is WhatsApp? It’s basically a messaging service for the Android and other smartphones. It relies on your Internet connection to message and call people up. The first year is free, after which you will have to pay some cash.

top android apps 2016Imgur is one of the most fun apps for Android in 2021. Pronounced “Imager,” it gathers together some of the most entertaining viral content right to your phone. All you need to do is easily install it before you enjoy a pretty much endless stream of amusing and thought-provoking pictures, images, memes and GIFS. Some of the things you’ll find on Imgur included hilarious GIFs, interesting science facts, informative tutorials, and crazy wallpapers. You also get to keep updated with political news, and can search for specific images. You can share cool stuff you come across to social media as much as you want.

top android apps 2016You’ve surely heard of Spotify, but perhaps you still haven’t been convinced enough to download the app to your Android. No worries, but you the reality is that Spotify is one of the coolest apps for Android EVER. It’s basically your own personal music library that just gets bigger and bigger all the time. You can dip in and out and listen to whatever tunes you like, create and share playlists, and discover new band and artists that you never even knew existed. Search, discover, build your collection, and enjoy the music you want to enjoy. Spotify is free or you can choose the paid, ad-free version.

apps for android 2016Looking to get fitter but could really do with some sort of added motivation and sense of accountability? Runtastic is the app that is here to do both – as well as get you into shape. Runtastic is one of our top Android apps for 2021 because its idea is just so simple but so brilliant; it tracks your walking, cycling and running using your phone’s GPS. What this means is that you can find out how much distance you covered one week and then push yourself to go further the next week. Features include a real voice coach, mapping, and a personal workout diary.

apps for android 2016Travel planning can be a real pain. How many times have we stayed in hotels that were unclean and not worth the money? AirBnB not only simplifies the planning process, but it also guarantees you a fantastic place to stay on your travels. AirBnB is home to over 2 million interesting listings in almost 35,000 cities around the world. You get to personally message your hosts to find out all about where you’re staying, and you also get to open up YOUR home to travellers.

best android apps 2016Another one of the best free Android apps for October 2021, DuoLingo makes learning a new language easier than ever before. Languages you can choose from on this inventive app include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish and Turkish. It’s totally free, fun to use and really fast too. You can practice speaking your new language, and you can read and write in your new language too. There are also games offered, as well a variety of challenging questions.

best android apps 2016Looking to get more organized? EverNote has all the answers. Another very useful Android app for this year, EverNote synchs together all your devices. You can be productive anywhere in the world with an app that allows you to make quick notes, carry out some research, make a checklist, organize all your online documents and web articles, as well as talk to others about your work. And all of this inside the app!