full 1 tap cleaner app review

The 1 Tap Cleaner app was developed and created by Sam Lu. It works compatibly with most devices. It works to clean search histories, cache, call logs, SD card and default settings. For someone worried about running low on application storage, this app may be considered. To date, there are over 5,000,000 Downloads for this tool.

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1Tap Cleaner Pros

One of the things that make this app a favorite among users is that it can clear apps and their created data and cache files. The app includes several cleaners, as mentioned, and they are history cleaner, cache cleaner and call or text log cleaner. With it, users can get more free space from their phone storage. And if users set the Default Cleaner, it can help them clear up default settings. If they turned on the SD Cleaner, it will help them remove junk files from their SD card. Another thing that makes it one of the most downloaded apps is that it does not require phone rooting. Aside from these features, users can also depend on it if they have memory management problems, as it can clear up internal phone storage, allowing them to store more media files in an instant.

1Tap Cleaner Free Cons

Some users may be annoyed by the in-app purchases that they need to make in order to maximize the app’s use. The app may also read your contacts as well as modify them. The app can also write and read call logs. When it comes to media files, including photos, the app, the free version and the 1 Tap cleaner pro, may also delete or modify USB storage content. These are some “permissions” that you need to read carefully before downloading or installing it.

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Who Should Use This App?

Everyone who wants to get the most out of their phone storage and improve their device’s performance should use this app.

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